Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you and your infant daughter are forced to be in the house alone for a week and a half? Well, after all the reading and playing and talking and walking and baby tv watching, you have a fashion show!! I give you.....Evie!
I thought it would be fun to put her in her stocking but she didn't fit. SIGH.
An outfit bought by work friends, the headband was made. So nice.
It is not cold here by any means but it was cool one night to go look at Christmas lights. It gave me an excuse to dress her like a bear in her stroller.
These glow in the dark shoes are great! They fit and are light. A gift from my favorite instructor at the gym!! She loves Evie. See her doing squats? We will work on them.
A gift from another gym friend! Super cute and pink. Evie loves this outfit. She laughed and smiled the whole time she wore it.
It is so hard to find any Christmas outfits that actually fit a 2 month old but this one worked pretty well. A gift from the friend who will be keeping her when I return to work next month.
Don't worry, Evie had a great time. I had fun. It also keeps me out of the kitchen so I do not eat too much. It is in the 70s here today so we will walk the dogs soon. Not easy to do while pushing a stroller, especially if I have to pick up pooh. But I love a challenge! Hope you have a great day!!


Tina said...

So cute! I love all that hair!!

Christine said...

lol...if you don't watch it you will be cutting snowflakes. I did that once while stuck at my mom's house for a month without a car in the middle of the woods. I thought I would go insane. This looks like more fun. Definately cuter.

Anonymous said...

She's adorable! Your "see her doing squats" comment made me LOL!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Awww, so cute! Haha.

Hope you and the family have an excellent Christmas!

Christine said...

just wanted to drop in real quick to say Merry Christmas to you and your family!

lucy lace said...

Oh, thank you for posting! And I am so glad my comment was welcomed! (I NEVER comment on the blogs I follow, don't really know why, am clearly more of a lurk-er than a do-er.)Anyway. Your munchkin is ADORABLE. I am sad you have to go back to work though; I'm Canadian and we get a full year of maternity leave, and I am already dreading going back and leaving my daughter. I look forward to hearing about how you juggle being a mom, working, AND working towards your weight loss goals. Keep the posts coming!! Until then - I hope you enjoyed your first Christmas with your little one:)

Crys said...

I left just long enough for you to have a perfect baby girl! Evie is beautiful! Hope you're enjoying motherhood and these precious moments. They don't stay little for long!

Heather said...

What a cute bear outfit!!

I just happened to be directed to your blog today! Your weight loss journey is very inspiring.
I am looking to lose about 140 pounds in order to be healthy enough to have baby!

You can read about my journey at:


Corletta said...

Awh....you're little girl is precious!! Absolutely precious!!!! Happy New Year!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Oh my, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen. So adorable! :)

mapanoy said...

The baby is so cute