Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am still here. Still pregnant. Uncomfortable. Ready for her to be here so my life can be changed for the better. So I can start to feel like I have a normal body again. Like breathing normally and getting the feeling back in my numb hand.

Had doc appt last Friday. Have another one this Friday. Last week she was head down, looking good. I was dilated to a 2. Sunday I lost my mucus plug (gross, I know). I have had horrific heartburn for 3 days and felt a little sick today. I think this maybe her week (or maybe that is wishful thinking since I am ready to be finished with pregnancy). This maybe my last week at work. I am just so uncomfortable. It is hard to do 50 things at a time with a class of 1st graders when you feel like you are gasping for air.

Not much else to say. School stuff is ready, her stuff is ready, had the house professionally cleaned, dogs are groomed. Now we just need Evie to make her appearance. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I will post again after this week's appointment!


Raych said...

My sister-in-law was SO ready for my nephew to come out. We contemplated going to see a scary movie and eating some spicy food to see if it would induce labor, lmao.

Hopefully baby Evie will come out very, very soon! Keep us posted.


cmoursler said...

yep, you sound like you are ready to pop....crossing my fingers and wishing you an easy delivery. Good luck.

F. McButter Pants said...

You won't make it till Friday. That's my prediction! How all goes well, I'm sure it will. Waiting for a baby at this end too. Waiting, it's harder then it sounds.

Mae Flowers said...

I hope she comes soon!!! How exciting. :)

Miss S. said...

I say tomorrow-for your sake. =) Seriously those kiddos have their own agenda. My doc told me on a Friday it would be at least a week. I went into labor at 10:45 p.m. the next day-made it to the hospital at 11:26 & had him at midnight. A week? Pshaw!

Corletta said...

HOLY MOLY...you are seriously about to have this baby!!! I can't wait! That's so exciting. Congrats! You're almost there :)