Saturday, October 16, 2010

The End is Near....

Had a doc appt yesterday. Saw a different doc. When he came in, he asked how I was. I told him I was looking for an end to this pregnancy and he said he was too. What? The only issue I have had that some of the docs don't like is my blood pressure. It has been 140/90 for past 3 weeks at my appointments. Not a huge worry as I don't have anything else that concerns them. My numb hand is getting really annoying though.

Warning - Yucky pregnancy stuff below:

Of course he checked me. He told me I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. And he continued to check me. And he checked some more. Right when I was going to say something he said "I know, I know, you can stop checking me now." I told him I thought it was a bit excessive and then he told me he was stripping membranes to see if that would help things. I did have some contractions last night and I still have pain in the left side of my back but no labor.

They also scheduled me to be induced in case she decides not to come out. He wanted Monday or Wednesday - I ended up with Thursday. With a doc I have never met. Oh well. I think it may get to the point where I don't care if my husband delivers her, let's just get on with it.

I want to start recovering so I can get back on track. I decided to move up my last day at work to yesterday. Teaching 1st grade is tiring. At 39 weeks pregnant, I don't need to be doing all that. I was ready and a good thing since one way or another, Evie is coming this week!

I just need to put some more crap away but I am tired today so I think I will be napping. Interrupted only by eating and playing with my dogs (and they are old and don't play a ton).

Hopefully next post will have some super good news and a picture or two. Enjoy your weekend!


cmoursler said...

yeah! how awesome is that, I know this sounds bizarre...but try and cherish that last little bit while she is still inside you..
Good luck with everything!

Cassie said...

glad to hear things are going well. I am right there with ya. I am so done being pregnant.

MizFit said...

so so so so so close huh?

xo xo


Fat Lazy Guy said...

YAY for being close!!

I can't wait to hear it all went well :)

Take care!

F. McButter Pants said...

Cassie is at the hospital 7cm. You're next! You're in our thoughts.