Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekly Recap

Just to review, here were my goals for the week (from what I remember):

  1. Drink lots of water and take my vitamins everyday - ACCOMPLISHED
  2. Eat 2000 healthy calories each day - SOMEWHAT ACCOMPLISHED (I am pretty sure I ate over this, but not by too much and it was pretty darn healthy)
  3. 40 push-ups everyday - ACCOMPLISHED
  4. Walk the dogs 1.2 miles everyday - ACCOMPLISHED
  5. 5 days of 1 hour cardio sessions - ACCOMPLISHED (all water aerobics)
  6. 3 days with weight training - FAILED (I did bodypump once)

I also managed lots of sleep/rest and a few days at the water parks (hello stair workout).

Where is the extra energy I am supposed to get in the 2nd trimester? I slept like 12 hours (minus the 4 restroom breaks) last night (I would not let myself take a nap yesterday). When I woke up this morning I was still a little tired but I did my push-ups and walked the dogs. Then I made a decision. I wanted to try a cardio workout on land. My foot has felt better this week (from the water aerobics I bet). So I decided to try turbo kickboxing. I was disappointed when I showed up and my favorite instructor was on vacation but I made a decision and stuck to it. I was early so I did 10 minutes on a bike (not as bad as I remember) and then completed the entire hour of turbo. My foot did not hurt but I came home and iced it anyway. I was proud of finishing but man as this baby gets bigger, exercising is more difficult. After that I was ready to come home and sleep again. I think I could nap for hours. Again I ask, where is my energy? Exercise, rest and healthy eats should equal energy. I guess someone needs to explain that to my body.

I think for next week I will keep the same goals but with weight training twice a week. For two reasons. #1 - double workout days are SUPER exhausting anymore and #2 - water aerobics does lots with water weights and toning.

Any suggestions for more energy? They have to be safe ones for the baby too (i.e. no Monster Energy drinks).


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I just stumbled on your blog and love your before and current pics! Way awesome job on your major weight loss and congrats on your pregnancy! You look great! I am on a journey with my husband and hope to lose a ton of weight.

Good job keep your goals too. :)


(I put this address in because it's not linked to my profile)

Deanne said...

That's an awful lot of exercising for a pregnant woman- are you sure the tiredness isn't your body's/baby's way of telling you to ease up a bit? It sounds like a grueling schedule even for a non-pregnant woman!

CJ said...

Love your new blog design!You are doing great!

Jenn said...

Maybe you need more rest - you're working out quite a bit. If you're tired, listen to your body and remember that you're making a person!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome excercise schedule! You need to take Turbo w/me. I'm trying to learn it well enough to put my sertification to use and actually teach it. lol. Did you take it at Mansfield? We have it in Arlington now too! I saw you leaving Cardio Sunday...I would say you shoulda stayed for my Pump class afterard, but I'll go easy on ya. lol