Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rough Week

WARNING: This is a big, whiney post. You may want to skip it. I probably would.

This has been the 10th week of my pregnancy. It was not as enjoyable as I would have liked it to be. Mostly because of exercise. I am a little scared now (after the spotting incident last week). I also read that if I exercise to full exertion I am depriving my baby of oxygen. Boy, do I feel like an ass. Sorry baby. So here was my wussy schedule for the week:

1. I only ran with the dogs 1 day and then decided to change to speed walking 1.2 miles each morning. I also stuck to my 40 push-ups each morning.
2. Monday - body attack - did my best at low impact and still burned 500 calories.
3. Tuesday - was going to walk in the park after dinner when I decided to lay down for a few minutes. I woke up 3 and 1/2 hours later. A little too late then.
4. Wednesday - Zumba - love the instructor, it was a lot of ab work and it kept me out of my kitchen for an hour but I only burned 250 calories.
5. Thursday - turbo kickboxing - again tried low-impact (kills me). I made it 50 minutes when I started getting cramps. I left early and decided to walk on the treadmill. After about 5 minutes the cramps got worse so I decided it was time to go home. Only burned 350 calories.
6. Friday - walking - decided to give my body a break from classes and walked 2 miles at the park with best bud and the twins (who turn two today!!!) luckily she let me push the double stroller so maybe a burned a few extra calories. I did not wear my monitor because the calorie burns are getting so low it is depressing.

Today I plan to walk again. Did you notice the weight training? Oh, perhaps that is because I still haven't done it. I did order some prego weight training dvds. Hopefully that will make it idiot proof for me. Just put it in and do it. Simple.

I have also been getting pains only on the left side of my body. In my back the other night, down in my gut and most annoyingly right under my boob in the rib cage. Not sure how to fix that. None are constant (thank goodness) but they are reoccurring.

I also sleep and lay on my belly ALL THE TIME. I love it. However, I tried to stretch out on the floor yesterday and it kind of hurt. I think those belly laying days are quickly coming to an end.

Week 10 has been disappointing (calorie burn wise, ability to exercise wise) and a bit more painful. I know, I know. It is going to get much worse. No need to tell me. It will all be worth it when I come out of this with a healthy baby. But like I said, changing my mindset on this stuff has been the toughest thing yet.

Monday I go back to the doc. I am not looking forward to seeing my weight gain. I can feel it. It is heavy. It is squishy. It is all in my middle. I am amazed each time I put on my pants and they button. However, the muffin top is growing at a rapid pace and is not attractive in the least.

Hope you all are having a more successful feeling week than me. I feel better now after complaining. And I must say, I am extremely fortunate to not feel sick. Especially during the day. Oh, the highlight of my week? I had my 1st grade class have an Easter bag hunt (we hunted for goody bags instead of just eggs - it was a surprise to them). It was hilarious. People could hear us screaming and laughing down the hall. Also, the twins ate Dilly bars at the Dairy Queen last night. Has to have been one of the cutest things ever!! They even shared when one dropped hers. Watching them try to lick....hysterical! I cannot get enough of those girls (or their momma). God bless great friends (especially when they listen to me complain about pregnancy and they were super sick the whole time and carrying two and never complained). I may whine but I am grateful that I can.


TJ said...

I have to give you my 2 cents- for the sake of the health of your baby and yourself- you can not be counting calories and worried about what the scale says. Eat healthy , exercise in moderation and have a healthy child. Run and exercise your little heart out AFTER the baby is born. :) xoxo

Matt said...

I have to agree with TJ on this - do what you can, but don't stress over it til after the baby.

wildfluffysheep said...

yeah yeah what TJ said.

its ok to be whiny. we're women.
i had a bad bad week.
*bad sigh*

yay for good friends!

Weight Watcher Wannabe said...

Please don't take this the wrong way...
I think you worked really really hard to get healthy so you could start a family...
Now your starting one and your worring way to much about your body , working out etc
You are growing a little human inside you...
This is going to take all your energy now...
When I was pregnant and got on the scale for the first time and seen that I gained over 10 lbs I cried right there in the Dr's office. I was shocked at how fast I put on some weight.
I went home and started working out etc. Then I started spotting.
Thankfully my baby boy is here now and he is a healthy little 10 month old..
You are talking about spotting, pain on your side etc..
STOP trying to control your weight gain its silly....
Just eat healthy and you will be fine.
It is really hard to not fret over this when you were once heavy and now your not. But you need to go easy on your self ok...
Being pregnant doesnt mean you need to start eating like a little piggy. Although I did eat some good stuff when I was preggers.. HAHAH
RELAX!!!!!! Please... And decided whats more important right now ok..
Sorry to sound like a mean old grump butt but your growing a baby and this is what you wanted so enjoy it....
When you feel that little flutter for the first time you will finally realize this is bigger than a tight butt and a flat belly...
Best of luck to you...

Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla said...

I'm with Weight Watcher Wannabe. I'm not one to ever tell someone to "eat for two" or any of that nonsense. That's how I ended up weighing 221 pounds after my daughter was born.

But you can't sit here dieting and exercising like you're trying to lose, like how you lost that 115 pounds. This is about healthful gaining when you're pregnant. If you work out it should be all low impact, and no abs at all. The more muscle mass you've got anyway, the more efficiently your body will metabolize calories.

Your body knows what it needs to do to grow a healthy baby and keep you and the baby strong, unless you keep trying to take control of this. As a person who lost count of how many miscarriages I had, I wouldn't wish that sadness and misery on anyone, so, really, slow down. Way down.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sister!!! Your week sounds way more active than 99% of the ou rpopulation so no worries. I can understand though. I'm sure it is tuff, but I also think your doc will tell you its totally wonderful for you to excercise and be active up until you are gonna squeeze that baby! From what I hear, it's totally encouraged! IDK though, But thats what I hear. You better be at launch preggo sloot! hahahaha

cmoursler said...

I'm with linda, i've only had one miscarriage and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
If you watch what you eat (in terms of quality, not quantity) you should be fine.
Don't think you can od on cauliflower.
I know I didn't.
I also walked daily...I only gained 20 lbs.
I know it's hard to change your mindset. But life can't be lived backwards, only forwards...maybe you could envision yourself with your baby in 8 months time.
Then you could maybe feel a bit more patient with the whole process.
Good luck, and hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant, and i SOOOOO know what you are going through body image/weight wise. I lost weight doing bikrams yoga and watching my processed carbohydrates. In my first trimester, I was so tired I couldn't really go to Bikrams, plus I was afraid for the health of my baby due to the ominous warnings of my friends and family. I also started to eat large amounts of comfort food like mac and cheese. I gained and gained and gained. In my second trimester, after I had passed the danger phase, I went back - and I am so glad I did. When I exercised, I automatically ate better, and I automatically ate the amount I needed to eat. When I exercised, my body felt strong and healthy and beautiful - even when it was the same size or bigger than the days I didn't exercise and my body didn't feel beautiful! And by the time I got into my third trimester, I had gained the perfect amount of weight and I was limber and active and had no swelling or stretch marks.

Today I have gained 28 pounds, I am due in two weeks, and I am so so so grateful i listened to my heart and body and kept up my intense workouts. A few things to think about: our ancestors didn't stop physical activity just because they were pregnant. Being pregnant is a state of wellness, not a state of sickness. And finally, yes, spotting is scary - but normal.

Good luck! I look forward to reading about your pregnancy further!

Amanda said...

I totally understand your focus on your body right now -- I think it's really easy for others to tell you how you should think/feel/act. I say the same thing to you I say to all new mothers: This is YOUR story, YOUR journey. Write it yourself and don't try to think/act/feel any way someone tells you to.

And what is a blog if not a place to process and work THROUGH your struggles, not to be advised against them or told how to solve your own problems. Blog away, mama.

Miz said...

I have to chime in with everyone else.
MOST IMPORTANT NOW? (yes Im shouting :)) is striving to love yourself where you are, keeping yer cortisol levels low, and remembering the goal of all this (the bebe! the bebe!) afterward you may---SHOULD YOU CHOOSE--fret about all else.

xo xo