Sunday, April 25, 2010

My eating has slowed down

Hello friends!

Well I have officially entered my second trimester. One third of the way there. Hooray!! But still, this has been a bad week. I have not done much exercise at all. A few nights and that is it. I was so sore from a double workout I took some time off. Then on Friday I took my class on an awesome field trip. Friday night - stomach pain. Bad. I was just convinced I was going to vomit or have diarrhea at any moment.

Saturday was about the same. Felt a little better at night which is good because I got to go out with best bud and we saw Chelsea Handler. We always have fun. Being around her probably made me feel better because today I am back to feeling like complete arse.

I wish I could barf my guts out just for some relief. The problem is, I do not know if I have the stomach virus from school or if I am one of those lucky people who gets their morning sickness in the second trimester. All I know is, that this sucks and I pray it ends soon.

On the other hand, it has slowed my eating WAY down. Since now my stomach feels best empty. I did force myself to eat some stuff today for the baby but I felt awful after. In fact, the dogs may or may not have finished my food.

I barely accomplished anything today (except I did get my Internet fixed - yay for me!). And I am moments away from dragging my lazy arse to bed. Hubby is gone, so I am left to my own devices as far as going to the store and such. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. If not, I do not care too much, I must say.

School story for you - you know I teach first grade, right? Well at that age the kids get obsessed with things. A vacation they took, a new toy, the color purple, playing with the velcro on their shoes until you want to rip their shoes off and throw them across the room (seriously, just teach your kid to tie their shoes - they are going to look completely retarded in high school when they still can't do it), etc. Well my super obese little girl (whom is beautiful and loves life and is repeating 1st grade - I enjoy her so) has a new obsession. She has been talking about it for weeks. Know what it is? Ponies? Nope, that was a few months ago. Butterflies? Nope, learning about them is just a hobby for her. Her obsession is.....wait for it.....HOT POCKETS.

Yes, I said HOT POCKETS. She wanted her mom to make them for the whole class. Then everyday this week she told me how she was bringing one on the field trip. I tried to tell her that was not a good option but she had her mom heat it up before school and she put it in a baggy. As she ate her hot pocket on the field trip (which I had to get a picture of) she had to tell me about her love of them.

I asked her if she ate them at home. Her answer? Yes, every night. EVERY NIGHT!!

She is very large. In fact, I even approached the subject with her parents. A defensive response is what I got. I have to say that I believe there could be a link between her childhood obesity and eating a pizza hot pocket every night. And that is after a school breakfast and lunch - which are LOADED in fat. Her lunch Friday was the hot pocket and jell-o. I find little to no nutritional value in that meal. That family needed to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I am so sad it is over. I heart Jamie and his efforts to fight obesity.

I think it is okay to nurture a child's love of books or football or dinosaurs but I really have to draw the line at HOT POCKETS. They may kill someone some day.

Hope you all had a rockin' weekend! Just stay away from the hot pockets!


cmoursler said...

ah, boy.
We had a pizza party this weekend for girl scouts. All the little girls in the troop are healthy.
There is one little girl who is heavy that is a sibling.
Her brother made fun of her the whole time she was eating.
There has to be a way the parents can teach better habits without degrading the child.
Maybe they could teach them how to sooth themselves through different activities.

Pam said...

As much as I think its a great thing that you are about the health of the kids you teach, its truly none of your business, and if I had been the child's parents, I would have went to the principal and complained if you have approached me on such a subject. Just being honest here.

Kids go through obsessions with certain foods - my toddler would eat NOTHING but yogurt for nearly three weeks last summer. Seriously. Like 5-6 cups a day and nothing else. Until you live day in and day out with a child that you truly cannot control what they will and will not eat when they are younger, its hard not to have strong opinions that someone is doing something wrong by the child.
I had my son's pediatrician tell me to stop mixing juice in his water when he was 8-10 months old because it was going to make him obese. He's going on 4 now is in the 10th percentile of weight for his age, and still prefers his water tinged with a little juice,. But, the Dr. looked at me, and I was obese, and made a snap judgment.
So, not trying to be cruel here, but when you begin to parent that precious baby you're carrying and see for yourself what he or she puts you through with eating or not eating, you will see that unsolicited remarks like the one you made to these parents can be pretty unwelcome, especially when you know things the judging person does not.

Oh! and I do hope you're feeling better soon!

F. McButter Pants said...

How sad for that child. I hope your tummy feels better.

Have a great week!

TJ said...

Hope you feel better! I hate that gonna barf feeling! lol

Oh my- Hot pocket girl sounds like she is in for a rough life. Jamie Oliver does need to pay them a visit! YIKES

Corletta said...

I love that you confronted the parents about this. Seriously being overweight at that young of an age is NO JOKE. UH....that poor kid :(

Cassie said...

I am glad as well that you said something to the parents of that child. Being a mother of 4 children, and a former foster parent. I have actually received a call once for a grandmother not taking the child off the bottle at 3 or 4 and the child was obese and at risk of developing health problems because of her weight. I don't see the difference in doings drugs while pregnant (not that I agree with that because I don't) or letting children eat whatever they want until they have weight issues, diabetes, or some other type of disease that could be prevented. Having 4 kids myself I have had great luck with my kids eating healthy. They each LOVE fruits and veggies, and these are kids from different backgrounds. So maybe it is the foods that surround them that they become familiar and comfortable with, I don't know. But I am glad my kids love to eat healthy. I don't think my kids have ever had a hot pocket to be honest. On a good note.... (LOL) I am glad that you are feeling better. Do you know when you get to have another u/s?