Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Okay friends. I must confess. I have done no weight training in a week and a half. I am totally unmotivated in that respect. When it comes to cardio - I have been a queen. I love it! Can't get enough. I also have done lots of push-ups and abs and a little bit of leg work but nothing involving actual weight training.

I find it ironic since this is where I began my journey. I know it is important. I know it will do nothing but help me. I just can't make myself at the moment.

Did I burn out? Did I get lazy? Was P90X just too much?

I don't think so. I am going to try and fix it.

I met with one of the trainers from my old gym today (because he is super nice and helpful) and he helped me come up with a sketch of what I should do. Now I just need to plug exercises into it and EXECUTE the plan. I need to quit dragging my feet. Stop thinking about it and just do it. If I were one of the kids in my class I would probably say something like "She is a wiz at language arts, above grade level. Math? Well she is capable of so much more. I don't want to say lazy so I will say underachiever."

Me. An underachiever? In certain aspects of life, yes. On this weight loss journey - maybe in the beginning but I still think I was doing pretty darn well for someone who weighed almost 300 pounds. On this journey I have given at least 110% for more than a year. Until the last two weeks. I am disappointed in myself. I am capable of so much more. I need a swift kick in the arse.

My new journey is to lead myself out of this darkness and into the light. Maybe I can get some of my muscle back. I am sure some of it has disappeared. Maybe that is why I gained a few pounds. I am burning less calories with less muscle. Or perhaps it is the fact that I love to eat lately. I am not doing too bad but I could definitely do better.

Is anyone else trying weight training on their own?


CJ said...

I cannot afford to go to gym due to time constraints so I have been doing strength on my own. I am mainly concentrating on calisthenics, where we use our own body weight as resistance. You can do both upper and lower body workout that way. It requires least equipment and gives great results!

Seren_Sighs said...

I'm too self conscious to weight train at my gym. I know I shouldn't be but it's a meat head gym, mostly body builders, so I get really self conscious. It's not all body builders of course but it's still pretty intimidating.

So I lift weights at home. I like to do upper body one day and lower body the next. I do three exercises per muscle group generally. Sometimes four. But despite the fact I've been doing it for a while I'm not very strong because I don't stick with it for long. So I would still rank myself in the beginner and beginner/intermediate category.

I definitely prefer cardio too though but I know both are important.

Laura said...

I was doing weight training on my own (I'm not a member of a gym), but I haven't lifted a single pound since being pregnant. I'm still doing cardio, but that's where it's at. I'll pick it up again once this baby makes an appearance...don't beat yourself up too much!

Crys said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You've got a major life change going on which I'm sure is front and center in your head, heart and priorities. You'll get back in the saddle!

FattyPatty said...

You have so much more energy than I did at 9-10 weeks. This is probably because you have been taking such good care of yourself before the pregnancy. Keep it up and do whatever you can get to the gym and do your strength training.

Your muscles and strength will be a huge asset to you during delivery and will significantly reduce your recovery time.


Aimee said...

i'm proud of you for not choosing to sleep through the 1st trimester, which is exactly what i did...i think you'll find it easier to be motivated once you hit that 2nd trimester...just a few more weeks and you're there :)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

You can do a lot without a gym! In fact using your own body as resistance will do more for you than sitting on machines.

If you have access to a library, I'll bet there are a few weight-training books you could get.

Or go to your local bookstore and have a peek at the books and magazines there.

You definitely can make it work without a gym!!!

F. McButter Pants said...

You are doing great! Do not be upset with yourself.

My 1st trimester all I wanted to do was sleep. You have a full time job a hubs and a life. You have kept up on your cardio. The weight thing will work itself out.

give yourself a break

Jenn said...

Uh, you are pregnant, girl! You are making a person, so yeah - you're gonna be tired.
Listen to your body - if you're tired, REST. The weights will be there when you get your energy back (which will happen, I promise!)

FollowMeDown30 said...

I am betting in a few weeks when you are in the second trimester of your pregnancy you’ll feel more motivation and go back to your regular routines. The first trimester when you are growing the little person your body is readjusting, it is so normal to not have the energy/motivation to do what you normally do. You are still doing really great! I think honestly you should only start to really worry if you begin to make excuses and see your old habits coming back.

Anonymous said...

I'm the opposite...I love to weight train and hate the cardio. I see results with weight training a whole lot quicker than cardio. My best friend is a personal trainer, so I train with her 3x per week. I know enought now to do it on my own, but it's still nice to work with her.

You are probably hungrier because of the little seed you have growing :)

Christine said...

Sounds like you are!
Seriously though you are building a baby inside of you, everything that use to be normal is going to change. Your desires for different foods and what you want to do in the form of exercise. Count it a blessing that you still are doing all my pregnancies I couldn't do much besides sleep and rest during the first 14 weeks.
Do what you can and try and enjoy the fact that a beautiful baby is growing within! Blessings to you!!!

Seth said...

Actually - I've just hit up the weight training. Since, I can't run for a while I am focusing more on that.

One thing that may help is, and I JUST did this yesterday, to take measurements and then try to improve on those measurements. It is something small but it also is something attainable.

Anonymous said...

I get sooo bored using machines at the gym....that's why I pump, pump, PUMP it up! lol. And I do it at home too. I've been incorporating a lot more interval training at home. I like it b/c it's quick and you get a good workout and it's something different. I talk about it onthat blog thing I've got. hehe.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

I'm trying to do weight training at home. Well, I'm first trying to educate myself. There's so much to know in the sense of a lot of the things you think you know, aren't really correct at all. And depending on your goals and where you're starting, there are different ways to train.

Deb said...

I do strength training at home. I use a book: The new rules of lifting for women.

I really like it so far, but you do need a decent amount of equipment.

wildfluffysheep said...

i cannot pass judgement.
im not doing anything or anything of late.

*kicks you up the arse anyways*