Thursday, February 11, 2010

Craziest week ever!!

Holy cow it has been a crazy week! I cannot even it put it in a post. I am in awe of life. Today I have no voice. I mean absolutely NO voice. My throat hurts and I cannot even complain about it (at least out loud). I am tired.

When I woke up this morning, there was snow everywhere. I live in Texas, it never snows. At present we have received 9.3 inches and it is still snowing (big time record for a year not just a day). I was sad when I realized I had to go to work in the snow and teach 1st grade with no voice. The kids thought it was the best day ever because I gave them word searches and had them take turns reading to the class. Oh yeah, and I took them out and we had a huge snowball fight (because seriously? when will they ever get the chance to do this is awesome packing snow). We stayed out until one girl cried that her hands were burning (oops!). Don't worry we let them warm up under the hand driers.

But happy day...they already announced school is cancelled tomorrow. I need sleep. Major sleep. The gym cancelled my classes for tonight and tomorrow. Boohoo. At least I did a double workout yesterday and I have the Wii for tomorrow. A four day weekend my friends!!! Love it, love it, love it!

Looking forward to more snowball fights (I also nailed my teammates but have yet to get my hubby) and lots of sleep. I "heart" my bed. And reading. Like a surprise vacation.

Hope you all are doing well. Looking forward to reading more blog entries on my vacation!


Anonymous said...

snow! in TEXAS! That's like getting snow in CA, in the metropolitan cities. :) hope you feel better soon!


cmoursler said...

wow, How fun! I remember warming my hands up under hand dryers in Michigan during school now that you mention it.
What a great teacher you are.
Enjoy the snow.

CJ said...

Wow! enjoy the snow! And isn't it nice to have an unexpected long weekend! I've a long weekend too and it starts today. Happily for me as I work on Saturdays too :D

Enjoy your weekend!

Miz said...

I am in awe of life.

I ADORE THAT SENTENCE and the upbeatnessment :) of your post.

alas no snow for my part of texas but we did get some pretty cool sleet!!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome teacher you are!! Those kids will have that special memory in their minds forever. How sweet of you to take them out to play in the snow :)

Hope your throat feel better...

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you get to feeling 100% super soon!

Corletta said...

Rest,rest, rest! I do hope that you get to feelin better.

Tricia said...

Hope you have a great weekend!

wildfluffysheep said...

Things are great over here!

Enjoy your four day weekend. I am off school for a week. wooho.

Eep. Snow in Texas. no voice? bad times!

Ava Kelly said...

aw, snow is so exciting! I love it here in NY and it's not that rare so I can only imagine the fun it is for Texans. Also, I was wondering what wii games you use to workout? i use Just Dance and Wii Sports Resort...both fun!


BryGuy said...

I think our weather was mixed up with yours. I live in Newfoundland, Canada and it's been above freezing and raining for that last few days.

P.S: love your blog... I'm gonna start following your progress!

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empowermephotoguy said...

Just found your blog! WOW! I am so impressed with your progress. Looking at your photos are so inspirational. I'm sure you are helping so many people stay motivated. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! You look fantastic. Congratulations on all your hard work!

Aimee said...

I hope you are feeling better and had enjoyed your long weekend!

Anonymous said...

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