Friday, January 15, 2010

P90X and Weigh-In

Regular Friday business first. The weigh-in. Well today I am at 177.8. Better than last week! Still working like a dog though. Oh well, I guess that is what they mean when they say lifestyle change. My new life is that of a hard-working dog. But I am happy (especially if you scratch my belly).

P90X Update - This week was my 60 day mark. I am starting week 10 (of 13). I may have made a mistake. There are 3 versions you can do with this - lean, classic and doubles. Lean is what most ladies do, classic is what hard-core folk and dudes do and doubles is for those who want to be like body builders. I picked classic because I thought it was what I needed to try and tighten these loose skin areas. Well each time I work out I am noticing new muscles or definition. Not bad until the other day when I was doing push-ups in a class in a tank top (this is new for me too) and got a glimpse in the mirror. My shoulders are getting cut. I can only compare it to Serena Williams or a dude. Then during my leg workout this week, I saw my thigh while doing squats and I got a vision of male body builders. I will be finishing this program because I WILL FINISH WHAT I START. However, I will then either switch to lean or body pump classes.

Here's another little tid bit you probably don't want to know about me. This program (and the tons of cardio) have really given me confidence in my body. I could totally walk around the house in my undies now and not think twice about it except that I have lost so much insulation (a.k.a. fat) that I am freezing. I cannot wear enough heavy, bulky, frumpy clothes (including double socks). Ironic. Perhaps when the weather is warmer I will not be so damn cold!

Well I must jet off to body attack (the class with the tank top today). Stay tuned this weekend for a new recipe. Cheers to your weight loss this week!

Also....I am working on trying some new diet stuff. I will let you know about it soon. Later gators!


Anonymous said...

Yay for body confidence!

I liked hearing your p90x results so far; I don't think I could do it only because I don't like working out at home or with DVDs. I'm a gym rat! (never thought I'd be saying that!)

PS I am also ALWAYS COLD now. Seriously my hands and feet are like ice all the time. I leave a sweater at work just in case. Glad I am not the only one!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Now that is one problem that many of us would love to have! Sounds like the P90X is a miracle worker.

Anonymous said...

I would be totally pumped up about seeing that muscle!! That is too cool.

Melissa said...

I am very impressed with the manner in which you work out... very hard core!

TJ said...

(scratching your belly) Good job! :) hehe

BEE said...

ok so now i need to go get that p90x
ive heard about it but i want those muscles you are talkin about lol
maybe it will burn my fat off faster
i have that skin problem too i hate loose skin

Jonathan said...

Congrats on your success with P90X! I'm starting on Sunday, and I'm really excited!!

Are you a Beachbody Coach? If not, go here- to learn more. Let me know if you have any questions!

Monica said...

Im dreaming of doing the P90X but Im barely keeping alive on the Shred! Do you take breaks in between days ever though or are you pretty much going for 90 days?

Im so proud of you by the way. I really admire your ability to follow through. That is something Im teaching myself to do now, 28 years later. Better late than never :)

Alison said...

Very cool about looking cut, ok maybe too much muscle for your preference but still to get there is awesome. The comment about being cold so wearing more clothes really had me laughing.

Mae Flowers said...

Body confidence is so important- glad to hear that you've gained that! I would love to see a little muscle definition- but wouldn't want to look like a guy either!

I Love P90X said...

Awesome job! So many people are having great success with P90X. Keep "Bringing It"

wildfluffysheep said...


muscles? definition? nice. its not like you're all beefed up. :D

peel back those clothes lady... lol. i am not even slim and ive been walking around in my underpants.... over share.

cmoursler said...

I am with you completely...I DO NOT want to build big muscle..and I know that i am capable cause I did it in the army...that whole 'ladies don't build big muscle' well I DO.
Check the tracy anderson mat workout.
she does low weight high rep...and don't let anyone make you feel bad about not wanting to get each their own.

Deb said...

I actually love Serena Williams' shoulders! I bet yours look fabulous.

I'm loving your body confidence (undie-walking). When summer gets out! ;-)

Jason said...

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