Sunday, December 27, 2009

I did get presents!

I just got back from four solid days on the farm. I went NOWHERE. Today I finally got to go 3 miles down the road to visit the grandparents. Look for a post about that tomorrow (with some fun pictures). After that, we headed home (about a 7 hour drive). I had to - for my sanity's sake (and those around me).
I got some presents finally. The first picture is a present from my in-laws. The best gift ever! Beef! I get it every year and every year I love it. Last year I also got a trip to Vegas. But not this year. This year I got a gift card to Banana Republic. Score!!! I am going to buy more skinny jeans (which I have been wearing everyday since I bought them, don't worry...I bought 2 pairs...but now I want more).
One funny thing we learned while bored on the farm is that my in-laws have never down loaded any pictures from their camera to their computer in 5 years. Can you believe it? They just delete some to make room for more. There were pictures from Xmas 5 years ago on there. My lovely husband downloaded them all and cleared their memory sticks so they can take some on vacation next week.
Picture #2 I found on that camera. According to the date in the corner, it is from Xmas 2005. Looking really plump in my fat girl uniform (all black and super faded from all the wear it got). I had never seen that photo. If I had, maybe I would have lost weight sooner.
Picture #3 is from this Xmas. Just thought I would throw that in for comparison's sake. 115 pounds lighter, longer hair (and now it is my natural color) and color in my wardrobe! I guess I am starting to see how people think I look like a different person. I for sure feel like a different person. And I like it. A lot.
I am exhausted and want to sleep but feel the need to peek at a few blogs before I pass out. Hope you all had a great weekend!


JewliaGoulia said...

Awesome! I would kill for a Christmas present of beef! So practical!

You look amazing BTW! There is a huge difference from picture #2 to picture #3. You should be so proud!

Have fun shopping for new skinny jeans but more importantly have fun napping and relaxing after your farm vacation!



Melissa said...

You definitely look "better".... And more "you." Even though I don't know you, I can imagine that is something you feel.

The thing about your in-laws not deleting pictures from their camera is hilarious! I had to share that with my husband and he found it amusing as well!

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy your beef!

TJ said...

I love the 2 pictures! You look so great! :)

The Road Curves Ahead said...

Yeah to skinny jeans and skinny photos... you're a super star!

antgirl said...

What lovely gifts.

You're looking fab! I agree.

Monica said...

There is definitely a huge difference in your photos, plus in picture #3, you look GENUINELY happy!

Linda Pressman said...

When I was fat, I also used to dress all in black, I thought I was less noticable like that, kind of like a black hole or something! Of course, it wasn't true. I was just this enormous black thing moving through each room!
Look at the way your eyes pop out in the second picture! Amazing! Good job!