Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey. It's what for dinner....again!

I know it looks like a mess but it is good. I made up this recipe 9 years ago to eat leftover turkey. Here is the recipe.

Turkey Crescent Rolls

2 cups chopped turkey breast meat
¼ of a purple onion chopped small
½ yellow bell pepper chopped
½ green bell pepper chopped
½ red bell pepper chopped
2/3 cup part skim shredded mozzarella cheese
6 Tablespoons Lite Caesar salad dressing
1 tube of reduced fat crescent rolls

1. Combine meat, veggies, cheese and dressing a bowl
2. Unroll crescent rolls
3. Add about ¼ cup of mixture to the crescent roll and try to wrap it to the top
4. Bake at 375 degrees for about 12-16 minutes

****Each roll has about 157 calories****

I eat 2 of them with a side salad. Good and healthy. I never counted up the calories until today. Not too shabby my friends. I am working on another post of my discoveries. So stop by again tomorrow! Happy eating.


Deb said...

Yummy! Looks good. I have lots of leftovers too so may give this a try.

100in12 said...

oh man that looks SO GOOD!! Definitely gonna have to try that at some point here soon :-)

thanks for sharing!

TJ said...

can you mail me one of those? lol YUM!

wildfluffysheep said...

i think they look delicious!

ive never heard of the crescent rol thingies.

i am loving this recipe malarkey!

antgirl said...

Wow. These look great. I was just wondering what to do with my leftover turkey. Wish I had crescent rolls in the fridge. Maybe I can improvise .... I have ceasar and some cheese left ... tortillas ... rolls ... hmmm. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I just wanted to comment on #10. We are all different. I think that since those ppl lose weight with so much exercise that that is all they know. As I was on my way dow I exercised... nothing intense just walking and occasional strength training. This week I am 5 years into maintaing a 185 pound weight loss and I no longer exercise. I haven't in years... it's due to chronic knee issue. Everyone is different but you have to do what is right for you. Maintenance is your own path! I'm saying there isn't any benefit to exercise but for me, it has nothing to do with keep the weight off.

Congrats on your wonderful accomplishment!

S. said...

I tried these rolls for dinner and they were great! The recipe made a lot more than I could fit on eight little rolls, but I'm guessing I can find more uses for it! :-)