Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trotting with turkeys

Actually turkeys are much faster than some of the folks doing the turkey trot. The 1st picture is me after the trot at my goal weight (which is normal, no longer overweight) wearing all medium sized clothing (I would have NEVER thought this possible). The 2nd pic is part of the crowd (12,000 people) I was trying to slog (slow jog) through because they were in no hurry. The 3rd pic was taken on the way back to the car. At first I thought it was a deer taking a crap on a building but then I realized it was the ever rare jack-a-lope. What a lucky day to see one of those gems.
The trot went well. I am so proud of my husband. He is not really into this kind of stuff but he did it. He even slogged it most of the way. We finished in 34 minutes. Not too shabby. I will probably have to listen to him complain about being sore for the rest of the weekend but he did it. Even let me buy him nice new running shoes last night (that he will probably never run in again). I did notice I could have talked the whole time and I ran by some peeps who were really wheezing (one of them may or may not have been my husband). Good for them for giving it their all. I just wished that would have moved to the side so I could get through. I am an ass like that. It makes me want to run a competitive 5K so I can be the slowest one and be in the way.
Used my new Polar F6 heart rate monitor. This thing seems pretty pimp. I burned 360 calories and I even got a little above my target heart rate zone. I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow to see how many calories I burn in turbo kick boxing and boot camp.
I am pretty good at guessing calories in food and calories burned now. I wore it just walking the dogs (no running) and I assumed I would burn 100 calories and it came back at 99. Not bad. I will run the intervals too to see the difference. The turkey is in the oven and many of the sides and dessert are done. Now I must go beat my husband at ladder golf (fun game - look it up).
I plan on posting tomorrow about some discoveries I have made this week. Until then, enjoy your day! Gobble, gobble.


cmoursler said...

Great job on reaching your goal weight and doing the turkey trot. You must be really tall. lol.
I went to the gym today too...It felt great. I burned 600 calories and did 100 sit ups. One year ago I never would have gone to the gym on was me and four other hardy souls. Good for us. Hope you had a great thanksgiving...and oh, the jack-a-lope...we used to love screwing with detroiters...telling them about the elusive jackalope. lol.
When you live in the country, what else have you got to do.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

You look fabulous!! And what a gigantic race! 12,000 people? There were about 400 at the one I did and I thought that was a lot.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments!

Kristina said...

Congrats on the race! Bet it was fun!
Head over to my blog...I gave you an award

wildfluffysheep said...

*high fives* to being normal! and no longer over weight!

woot for the turkey trot.

lol for using the word pimp.

i am off to look up ladder gulf.

gobble gobble!