Saturday, November 14, 2009

In the Beginning...

Okay so I am going to turn into one of "those people" who talks about their exercise on their blogs. I like to read them but others may not. I promise I will try not to bore you too much and I will not post every morsel of food I eat (mainly because I eat the same stuff most of the time and I would bore even myself).

Yesterday I did walk/run with the dogs, take body combat (this class is awesome, I am pissed it is only offered once a week - and at 5:30am) and began P90X.

The overview video tells you this program is not for beginners. I can see why. You do have to have some strength to do some of the moves. Day 1 is back and chest. Between everything I did yesterday, I did 324 push-ups (none on my knees either - holla!). All different ways and at different times but I never would have thought I could do so many in a day. This journey is amazing. I am a little sore in the right places today so I think I did everything correctly.

I am still working on my plan for myself but I am not going to use the TOTAL P90X system. I am not following their diet because according to the book I should consume 2400 calories a day. I am currently at 1600 and I like that number. Especially since I am not done losing yet. I am not using their cardio or yoga dvds either (at least not now). I like my cardio classes and I am changing them up a little. I will probably do more cardio then they have in their program because I already do. Cardio makes me feel so accomplished when I am finished.

You may be thinking - what the hell are you doing then? The answer is the strength/weight training and the ab ripper X dvd. According to their schedule I should do abs everytime I do strength training but I may move that to cardio days. I will try it today. It looks kind of awful (meaning hard - 16 minutes). We will see how sore I am from it.

I was talking to one of the turbo instructors this week about changing things up and my fear of loose skin. I told her where I thought it would be and she gave me a suggestion. Wait for it.......cycling/spinning class. Dude, if you read my blog over the summer you know I have an extreme dislike for this class. I know it is awesome and burns a TON of calories but it is hard for me. Mentally. That, and I hate feeling all squinched up over a bike. I like to be up and around and free. It may sound stupid but I feel too restricted on those things. She swears it will take the fat of my midsection (and she really knows her shit). I may (cough, cough) try a class this week but I will have to give up the only Zumba class I have left. But I may have gone as far as I can (as far as body shaping) with Zumba. Zumba is still fun and it tones and gives a good calorie burn.

So for P90X, I will do their strength training which is 3 days a week (I was doing 3 days a week before but for less time and less intensity) and the ab ripper 3 days per week. I am sticking with my 40 morning push-ups and walking/running the dogs 1.2 miles daily. I have turbo kickboxing 3 days per week (my favorite class), body combat 1 day and walking/hiking 1 day. And....possibly.....maybe.....cycling 1 day.

Best bud and I are curious as to how cycling shapes that particular part of your body. It does not seem like it would move that much to do that. But, what do we know?

So there it is. My tentative plan. Oh the book for P90X it tells you to take your measurements and 6 different before pictures. I did measurements last week. I was not going to take the pictures but I will want to compare the end results (because I am like that). So this morning I made my husband take my pics. I even did it in a white sports bra and undies (I wanted undies because I will want to compare my thighs where I think loose skin maybe lurking). I didn't even feel bad looking at them. Even wearing white they do not look too bad (I say that now, in a few months when I look back I may change my mind). I kinda wish I had done them at my heaviest just to see how far I have come. I would have never posed for the pics though....not even for my husband.

I am off to try ab ripper X. May you all have a super successful weekend!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I would love to hear periodic reviews of different forms of exercise that your try. Maybe list the pros and cons for the benefit of others who would like to try something new.

I'm amazed at how many push-ups you can do. Increasing the number of push-ups I can do is a goal of mine. My wrists are sooooo weak. You inspire me!

Melissa said...

Oh my heavens!!! All that work-out sounds intense!!!

I walk on my treadmill everyday and do BodyFlow (generally twice a week)... I can't imagine all that hard stuff!

Good for you!!!

Seren_Sighs said...

That is definitely a lot of working out. How many hours a day do you think it is? I bet you don't watch TV anymore.

When I was working out that much I had difficulty eating that few calories. And I'm five foot tall. Do you get hungry or do you think you're used to that many calories by now?

I think it's awesome how fit you are. I bet looking back on where you were a year ago is pretty trippy huh?

Jodie said...

I'm hoping to try Body Combat this week. Hearing a positive review of it helps me to want to go!

Deb said...

I'm impressed you can do so many non-sissy pushups!!!!

cmoursler said...

cycling works your core cause you have to balance the bike and it burns a ton cause they are doing intervals. I would be interested in your reviews of p 90 x as well. 324 pushups...holy crap.

Brad said...

I think the quote you are looking for with Ab Ripper is "Ab Ripper X, I hate it, but I love it."

I just found you're site and I must say good job on the weight loss. You have put in the effort and most people are not willing to do it.

Are you a Beachbody Coach? I did not see anywhere on your profile that you were. Go to and click on "Coach" to learn more. Feel free to contact me about it.

Bring It!!

wildfluffysheep said...

Your attitude to exercise always impresses me.

I don't usually like reading about other peoples exercise. But just reading this made me feel tired. Its like i almost did it. lol. good enough for me.