Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exercise Update

Last night was cheat meal. I decided on breakfast for dinner. I love that. Pancakes, bacon and hash browns with a big glass of milk. Yum, yum. As a kid I would love when my mom would say "we're having breakfast for dinner!" It maybe due to my love of syrup.

Thank goodness for Cracker Barrel who serves breakfast whenever you want it (and skim milk). Best bud and I ordered breakfast and it turns out that is what the twins wanted too. So we all left full and happy.

But the day after cheat meal I must get up and get back to healthy eating and continued exercise. That used to be so hard for me. After a year, it is easy. I used to think of it as a punishment but now it is just part of the routine.

Today I walked the dogs 1.2 miles, did my 40 push-ups, ran for a few minutes on the treadmill at the gym for a warm up, completed the shoulders and arms workout from P90X (including the bonus round) and walked at a pretty good pace at the park for about 3 miles.

I went to a park that I thought would have some hiking trails. When I found some and went down them they were covered in brush and fallen trees. A little more dangerous than I was looking for. So my search for local hiking trails continues. I did wear a 10 pound backpack for added challenge and broke a decent sweat.

I have been a little sore from the P90X so I assume I am doing it correctly and working the right muscle groups. However, the shoulders and arms workout today was alot. I can see how these people get ripped. I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow. I like that good-sore feeling though.

My bruises from the mud run are still pretty dominant on my arms. They have turned to lovely shades of green and purple. It is not that they hurt but other people think I am in pain. I wonder how long that will take to heal. Oh well. As long as I am not green forever.

I must shower (at 4:15pm, there is no need to rush things) and head off to buy some groceries and new workout clothes (again). During body combat on Friday my pants were slipping down and my sports tank was riding up. I was scared my big white belly would blind someone. My clothes used to move like that because I was too big. Now it is because they are too loose. I know this because the size mediums I have do not give me this problem, just the larges and extra larges. I hate to spend money but I like to be comfortable and covered in my workout classes. Look out I come!


kaitlin said...

Yum I also love breakfast for dinner! I am making my housemates pancakes on Tuesday night and I can't wait!!!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Another good place for inexpensive workout clothes is TJ Maxx. If you have one in your area, they usually have an excellent selection.

Mae Flowers said...

How exciting to be getting smaller so you can go buy new workout clothes! I love breakfast for dinner too. I actually don't like eating breakfast foods early in the morning at all, so in the evening is the best!

cmoursler said...

woohoo....My xtra larges are getting loose on me too. I think I am a 1x, not a 2x. Which I love. The only problem I have is I barely have the money to come up with clothing, let alone work out gear. I have started stealingmy husbands t-shirts that are too small for him lol. I highly doubt that your belly is 'big and white'...white maybe,
And cracker barrel, I don't eat there anymore cause the syrup and corn bread would be my downfall.

Jenn said...

When your pants are falling down, it's time to get new clothes, lol! That's so great - you should be excited about it!
Great job on changing things up so far - keep those muscles guessing!

Miz said...


enjoy :)

wildfluffysheep said...

I could eat breakfast for dinner every night. yum yum yum.

i cant wait til i say that. 'no longer punishment but it is routine"!
one day...

lol im still giggling at your green bruises.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Whenever I bruise they take forever to completely disappear!! So I hope you are bruiseless by Christmas!

Great job on your workout - I think feeling sore it totally normal, just not too sore!