Friday, September 25, 2009

Words of Wisdom?

It is NOT a brilliant idea to bandage a healing toe wound with a waterproof band aid and then put it in a sock and running shoe.

Furthermore, it is a plain bad idea to run on said toe twice in one day (even if it is not for very long periods of time) while bandaged.

Said toe will leave you feeling disgusted when finally revealed in it's naked glory at the end of the day.

Remedy? Clean, allow air, Advil (that makes everything better, right?) and avert your eyes.


Sara said...

take picture of the white, moist, almost-dead skin. i dare you. lol.

Mae Flowers said...

Here's to hoping your toe gets better soon! ;)

TJ said...

uummm I thought we would be able to view the booboo in all its glory....sigh :(

The Road Curves Ahead said...


big_mummy said...

as much as i am grossed out by the possible wrinkly white toe, i want to see it now lol