Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day for the Record Books

I awoke early this morning (I did sleep in a up at 5). I plan out my time in the morning and do not leave time to mess around. Well....this morning was a little messy. As I crept through the house I heard my husband's voice rise up from a chair in the living room "I made a mess in the sink." I turned on the light and HOLY COW was there a mess. Let's just say he has the flu and I was trying my best not to gag as I cleaned, scrubbed and sanitized. We decided it would be best if he did not attend the 5K today (which is still fine because his registration was paid in advance).
I however, did participate and it was a lovely day (as you can see in the pics). I did feel super bad for one of the twins as she was sick but she still did awesome!! Both of the girls did fantastic. The first pic is me and best bud (I am number 816). We wore our numbers on the front because best bud organized an entire team and had t-shirts made for all of us sponsored by her restaurant - Lazy Bones (BEST chicken wrap ever). She is amazing! She spends all her time doing for others (including me - she spends Friday nights working on MY teaching crap).
I gotta say looking at this pic - those are some ugly ass sun glasses (pictures are so telling) - time to shop for new ones. The second pic is me and best bud's brother pulling the twins' stroller. We pulled (and by we, I mean mostly him and best bud) instead of pushed to keep that sunshine out of their faces. We were not going for speed as I believe we finished behind almost every elderly person in the race.
I awoke to something else today. A new number on the scale. Say hello to my little friend 188.6. Awww, yeah! That makes my total loss 101.2 pounds!!! I am soooooo happy I must use many exclamation points!!!! I am in the 180's people!!!! Did you read that?!?!?!? 180s!!!!!!! Sorry, I will stop now.
After the race, we got to go to Lazy Bones (best bud and hubby's restaurant) and eat a delicious breakfast. Everything you can imagine - biscuits and gravy, pancakes (blueberry and plain), eggs, breakfast burritos, bacon, potatoes, fruit, etc. I stuck to things with no nutritional value that could swim in syrup. I totally gorged myself (as it was cheat meal for the week) and it was so worth the sugary, empty calories. Needless to say I will not weigh in tomorrow.
If you are still reading this, wow - you have a great attention span. This afternoon I went to a clothing swap. I kept my really nice, larger sized clothes from the last time I cleaned out the closet. I was going to take them to a resale shop but the truth is, I am lazy. So when best bud sent me an email about a clothing swap, I thought "what the hell?" It was kinda fun. I had never heard of one or done one before. I did come out with 5 decent items. People snatched up my stuff pretty quick. I may post more about this adventure later (it was interesting).
My records for the record books - most puke I have cleaned up (coming from someone other than me), more weight lost than I ever thought possible, first clothing swap and probably most calories consumed in syrup in a single day.
Can you top that?


Patty (Tales of a Plus Size Pregnancy) said...

Congratulations on making it to 100 + pounds lost! That is amazing and something I plan to achieve one day myself. GREAT JOB!!

Christa said...

Congrats on your 100 pound loss!!! :) You must be so proud of yourself!! And good for you on doing the 5K:) I am sorry your hubby got sick...hope he is doing ok:)

The Road Curves Ahead said...

100 pounds lost... you are my new hero.

S. said...

Woohoo! 100+ pounds!!! That is so amazing. Congratulations on that amazing milestone.

And good idea with the clothing swap! I just cleaned out my closet and was trying to decide on whether I'm motivated enough to get all that stuff ready for resale. I like the clothing swap idea though! I hadn't thought of that.

TJ said...

Congrats on going OVER the 100 pound GONE mark! Your AMAZING and worked hard for that BE PROUD!!! :)

Mae Flowers said...

Awesome job on the weight loss and the 5k! :) You look so trim and athletic!

Jenn said...

Wow, what a day for you! Congrats on the race and on the weight loss!!!! That is simply amazing - over 100 pounds!!!! You are my hero.
Sorry your hubs is sick - I hope there's no more puke in your future!

wildfluffysheep said...

kudos to you missus! Sounds like you had an awesome time :D (apart from the sanitizing part. ick)

wow at 101 pounds gone. i am so frickin' happy for you right now you have no idea. positively radiating happiness. i will definitely be thinking about you this week. *high fives* you are an inspiration! I wan to be in the 180s... *pout*

no i can not top those records, missus! much love <3

Jenn said...

Hey lady!!!
I've got an award for you on my blog today, stop by!