Monday, August 24, 2009

Funny Day

Well friends, it was the start of a new school year here in Texas. This is my first year at this school and the routines are .....different which puts me out of my comfort zone but I will get it back I am sure.

We seemed to do well, lots of kids still registering and being moved around classes so I will be on my toes a few more days. Not much surprises me anymore. I have met many different families in my career, however, today I did find myself staring.

One mom brought her daughter (along with her other 4 kids under the age of 6) and I kept trying not to stare at her shirt. It was hard, seeing how it was cut open across the midsection and a boob in a red bra was sticking out (and she was not a small woman). But then I found myself staring at her litter of children. People, I ask you, why?

Then this daughter cried. Really loud and ran out of the room. I had to grab her and bring her in and calm her down. Really? In 1st grade? She has been going to school for 2 years already. This is why I stopped teaching kindergarten.

The good news is, when mom picked her up she had changed her shirt. The shirt still wasn't lovely but at least it was G rated.

When I dragged myself out of work, I made myself go to the gym. As I walked in the girls at the counter said "we read your success story and it is on our website now." How funny. Not that you are not intimately familiar with my story, but if you want to see it, following is the web page for viewing.

Finally I get home and start reading some of your posts and they are making me laugh out loud. I am totally exhausted and need to plan for tomorrow (but I procrastinate). I just have to say it has been a funny day. Sometimes you need that.

Hope you all have a funny day too.


Deb said...

How does it feel to be an honest-to-goodness success story? :)

The change is incredible. You look like a different person. Way to go!

Crys said...

Look at you superstar!! I LOVE the article. You are one hot momma and such an inspiration. I know school is starting up and this are getting crazy, but keep going. You're so close to goal!

TJ said...

I love your before/after pics! You look amazing!! :) Truly a motivation for me! :) U ROCK!

2Bmeagain said...

As a relatively newcomer to your blog, I hadn't seen any of your before pictures. So, I clicked on your success story. WOW! What a transformation!

I really enjoyed reading about your first day of school. I had a parent one year who had piercings all over her face. I honestly didn't know where to look, and it was hard not to stare. As it turned out, she was one of the better parents I had in my class that year. She was concerned about her daughter's education and made sure she was doing and learning what she was supposed to.

Lisa said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB~ Hot teacher! lol Good luck this year! My kids started today. My husband started about a week ago with all the teacher stuff before the offical day.

Monica said...

You should have told that lady that she had some fruit coming out of her loom.

Awesome article! Very inspirational :) Be proud of yourself!

Irene said...

FANTASTIC!!! Good for you you look incrediable!! My daughter just went to college a few weeks ago, and even though its her second year I miss her so bad!! she got to come home for the summer, but it felt like such a

Mae Flowers said...

Awesome job on the success story. I don't think I have ever seen the "before" pictures. You look amazing!

big_mummy said...

hiya, wild fluffy sheep was telling me how lovely you are while she was visiting me so i thought i would come and see for myself.

Great post to come into, the before and after pictures are amazing!! kudos to you

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I know I'm late commenting, but you do look incredible. You should be so proud of yourself!

Johanna Simpson Baker said...

I guess I have to start reading your blog to hear about how your day went. Bitter, party of one. :) And I am the PROUDEST person ever of your transformation... I plan on going back and reading all of your old posts (unless you don't want me too) despite having lived them with you. Miss you!

And why don't those retards at LOA have you as the FIRST story on their page?!?! You are by far the most amazing transformation.

Blasé said...

We all need a lil' funny in our lives!