Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am a Hater!

What do I hate? I hate cycling/spin class. No offense to those who love it. I am glad there are so many options of things to try. I have tried a lot of classes at the lady gym. Here are a few:

  1. bodypump (totally awesome weight training)
  2. 20/20/20 (cardio, weights and core)
  3. turbo kick boxing
  4. zumba
  5. step
  6. cycling and intro to cycling (gotta say, I did not see a difference between the two classes)
  7. bodyvive (great for beginners to exercise classes)
  8. yoga

My favorites BY FAR are #1 - turbo kick boxing and #2 zumba. Last night I went to turbo kickboxing with the first instructor I ever had. I told her how she made all the difference (and trust me when I say the instructor makes all the difference) in my going from trying to survive the hour to loving it. I was actually sad when it ended last night. I also told her how I thought she was a crackpot when I first started because of some of her moves but now I can do them. So during class she had me demonstrate the high intensity moves. She was so happy that she helped to make a difference and made me love that class.

As a teacher myself, sometimes we do not realize the impact that we have on others. So if you have something nice to say, you should let that person know. Yesterday best bud and my beautiful god daughters made me a fattiversary card (and she sang to me...awww). So today I bought thank you cards for her and my husband. They need to know how great they have been.

Yesterday I made a gift basket for my trainer and made his thank you card. I did him first because man has he had to put up with a lot of my shit.

This week I am reading an awesome book called Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs. She lost 200 pounds and looks like a barbie doll. Some books I read and they are too complicated (I just finished the Jillian Michaels metabolism book - damn she knows alot but too much for me to understand). Chantel does the journey in steps. It also has spectacular exercises with photos. Sometimes I am just reading the same stuff over and over but I learned new things from this book and it was written in terms I could comprehend. If I were just starting on my journey, I would follow her plan. It is about baby steps - completely doable in everyday life. So if you are looking for a good read, I highly recommend it!

Okay, so I am a hater of cycling. I tried it again this week because of Chantel's book (she loves it) and I thought that maybe I did not give it a fair shake. Afterall, the first time I tried it I was about 70 pounds heavier and it took all my strength to endure 30 minutes.

Well this week I tried again. I did better. I lasted the whole time. The first 5 minutes were okay, then 25 minutes of wanting to quit because it was so hot, cramped, I felt all hunched over the bike and the instructor was so shouty, followed by 15 minutes that were okay again. Oh, and we have to clean the bikes after (not to mention the puddle of sweat on the floor). No thanks!

Do people like it because it burns so many calories or because they actually think it is fun? Dude, I barely got a bike. People were turned away from the class.

It did make me realize how much I love turbo kickboxing and the freedom of being up and moving around the room for an hour. I guess I like whole body, high mobility exercise classes. Anyway, I am thankful for the opportunity to try again. However, that will be the last time. I know it is not for me.


Stormy Vawn Bradley said...

LOL... Do tell...

Michelle said...

I'm one of the crazy ones that loves spinning. I feel all diesel and "Lance Armstrong"-ish when I'm spinning. I was hooked since my first class, although I haven't been back in awhile due to my triathlon training. But the tri is done, and my half-marathon will be here in a few weeks, then I can go back to spinning and zumba! :) It's almost like having an ice cream sundae! LOL

Lisa said...

I will have to check out the book. thanks for the info! It was VERY nice of your friends to do that and VERY nice for you to do the basket and thank you cards.

She-Fit said...

haha, I am right there with you... I despise spinning class. I went one time and will never go back. It was miserable!

Anonymous said...

I've never tried spinning but I love to ride bikes so I might like it. Maybe once I get home for an extended period of time rather than a weekend I can get into some classes at the local gym. Think I would enjoy exercise more that way.

You are so right about the letting people know that you are thankful for them. Such a sweet thing for you to do!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I've never done spinning, but I do enjoy riding my bike outside. It works a whole different set of muscles than does walking/running.

wildfluffysheep said...

never been to any of those classes lol.

*high fives* to saying thank you to those that mean alot. i need to be thankful more.

bah stick to what you love, missus!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you don't like spin.

I was always afraid of it, then my friend agreed to go with me and I was hooked!

It took me awhile to find an instructor I enjoyed, who played music I liked etc.

It sounds like you have other classes you like though, so keep up with what you enjoy! At least you gave spin a try!

Crys said...

I am bound and determined to love spin. I don't know why but I really want to like it. My thighs are the size of a healthy person's waist and spinning is supposed to be great for that and according to my HRM, I can burn 1,000 calories. The problem is, my butt hurts for many, many days following. I've tried 3 classes now. I've heard the 4th time is the charm... I'm hoping so!