Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blogger-Tard in Need of Help

Hey all! It is me, you blogger-tard friend. I have a statistical table I would like to insert. I have yet to figure it out (and it is easier to ask you). Anyone know? Anyone? Anyone?


TJ said...

uummm so Im not really a geek (LOL) Not sure if you can go to your CUSTOMIZE tab on the top page of your blog- select :add a gadget- then select ADD A PICTURE? you can insert a link to a picture there. I dunno if that helps??

Hadley said...

I'll second that the easiest way to do it is definitely just saving it as a picture.

The other alternative is to make a table using HTML. If you've ever coded before, it's relatively easy to do just following the directions from here. If you've never messed around with HTML before, it'll be slightly harder but probably sill a doable introduction.

My advice would be that if it's a one time thing you want for a post, just do it as a picture. If it's something you're going to want to update constantly, it's worth the hassle of setting up the HTML.

wildfluffysheep said...

*hides under rock*