Monday, July 20, 2009

Gym Drama!

No, I did not cause the drama at the gym today (but with all my bitching lately I can see where the thought entered your mind). I was just a witness.

Just to be clear, I go to 3 different gyms. The 1st is a personal training studio where I work out with my trainer. There are only 5 trainers (all men) and clients are only their with their trainers. Very small. Very manish. Very hands-on.

The other two gyms are what I refer to as the lady gym. Women only. My membership allows me to use two different locations so I do. However, the clientele is very different from one location to the next. Lady gym is awesome because I can put it out there and shake and jiggle (especially back when I was 270+ pounds) and they are nothing but encouraging - staff and clients - at both locations.

So where do you think the drama lies? With the women of course.

Oh no, you would be wrong. Over the past year I have seen more drama at the boy's personal training studio than I care to admit. However, it does make things interesting. Until today.

Picture it - the small training studio with four trainers and two clients working out (I sound like Sophia from the Golden Girls - picture it, Sicily 1947.....) at 8:50 this morning. I have 10 minutes left in my session before I need to leave to run an errand and make a class at the lady gym.

In walks a very distressed gentleman waving his hands around. As soon as I finish my set on a squating type machine, MY TRAINER goes over to the man and takes him outside. Hands are flailing, my trainer gets on the phone. Two more trainers step outside. A 15 minute long conversation ensues. I am trapped. They are blocking the door. It is pouring down rain and crazy hand flailing man is parked right next to me.

Finally my trainer comes in and the other two remain outside trying to calm the situation. No, it was not an angry husband (however, that has happened there multiple times before). It was an irate, over-protective father.

This poor 19 year college student came home for the summer, her parents told her she was fat and immediately signed her up to train 5 days a week even though she did not want to. I have met her. She is nice yet quiet. Her family is over-protective, intrusive and unstable at best. She has been working out with my trainer for two months. She has had a crush on him for a while. Saturday they went to eat lunch together and her father saw them. He started calling my trainer (which he calls him all the time to talk about his daughter - inappropriate in my book - and at all hours day or night) and told him he was going to shoot him. Then he shows up at the gym.

Holy crap! Shoot someone for eating lunch with your kid? Dude, take a pill. So who was my trainer calling? The police. The hand flailing gentleman finally got in his vehicle and left and I ran out right after so I could move on with my day. The cops were pulling up as I was leaving. My guess would be that my trainer has one less client.

Boys and their drama. But I gotta say, I wanted to go outside and yell at that dude because he took my last 10 minutes of my session. Now I am glad I didn't. I'm not ready to be shot. I just want to work out.

When I finally made it to the lady gym, it was still pouring rain and the parking lots were flooded. To make it even better I had to park at the end of the row because so many people were already there. I ran as fast as I could but I was drenched. Socks and shoes - completely soaked. I did my Zumba anyway. Hopefully I did not ruin my shoes.

What a day. Tomorrow morning will be bodypump. My hope is for a killer workout (well not literally), far less drama and dry shoes.


Fat[free]Me said...

Good grief! Nothing like that ever happens at my gym. I shall put in a complaint right now.

Glad it didn't put you off your stride, lol!

Killer workout - boom! boom!

Michelle said...

Yowzers!! Happy to say I haven't seen any type of drama like that at ALL - and I belong to 2 gyms myself. My personal training gym is exactly like yours - personal trainers and clients only, with room for only 3 trainers/clients at a time. My 2nd gym is coed and just a normal regular gym.

Glad everything worked out ok though!

F. McButter Pants said...

1st- of all WOW on going to 3 differnt gyms...that's crazy. Good for you

2nd -Men are such drama queens. I'll bet you couldn't wait to get out of there and blog about their

HD@Losing Weight-Healthy Heart said...

That is some major dramz... wow!

S. said...

I just started reading your blog and I love it! You are hilarious! :-) I'm earlier along in my journey than you are and man, there is no way I'd go to three gyms :-) but we started at kinda similar places and I look forward to continued reading!!

Anonymous said...

I would have been freaking out haha.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

That would have scared me to death! As I was reading the beginning I thought, "Oh, two women got into a fight over the last treadmill."

You know - I'm just glad it all turned out okay.

wildfluffysheep said...

Drama indeed! And yes, definitely stay from the crazies. Don't want you getting shot now do we? NO.

I think I now go to the boringest quietest smallest gym in the entire world. SAD.

Lisa said...

How sad for that girl that her parent are like that!

Monica said...

LMAO I totally thought of Sophia when I read "Picture it..." Funny that you brought it up!

I feel bad for that girl. She will never have a normal relationship with a guy because of her parents. That sucks.

I love that you did your Zumba class anyways! :)

Crys said...

Three gyms? Are you trying to be a Playmate? :-) The best part of the story is you Zumba'd through the drama. You have no idea how much your workout schedule and commitment inspires me! Keep it up, my friend!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP! Hope that never happens at LOA! haha. OK, in an attempt to get thru the majority of your blog and still keep my job, I've resorted to picking and choosing which posts to read. Otherwise, I'de be glued to my computer screen for a week catching up. I love your bloggy tho. It's exactly like you, but in bloggy form. You're story is amazing too! Yippeeee....