Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Might as Well Face it, I'm Addicted to Blogs

So I got on the internet hours ago to research something for my father. And I thought, mmmmm....I will just peak at a few blogs. You all are so addicting to read. Your stories really resonate and make me laugh and I cannot get enough. So fast forward two hours and here I am still reading them.

Everyone is so witty, charming and honest. I am honored to be able to read your inner most personal thoughts. So thanks for sharing. You entertain me constantly.

Fat camp is going well today. I am sore from that crazy muscle endurance class yesterday. Running this morning seemed so easy I made it a little harder. I did personal training this morning and I have Zumba in about an hour. I heart Zumba. This class does not have as many freaky deakies in it so I can concentrate more. But perhaps tomorrow's class will have more for me to comment on.

I went to lunch today with some girls I taught with 5 years ago. I have not seen them in a year. One of them (who is super cute and nice) could not believe it was me. She kept saying I look like a totally different person. And you know what? I am starting to feel like a totally different person - in a good way. I guess everyday on this journey is helping me to reinvent myself. I want to be a fit person. Now I am beginning to think it is something I can pull off for life.

Also, I am changing my ticker today to show my new goal. I have picked a goal weight of 175. When I started this blog and put 185, I did not think I would come anywhere near it. I am picking this weight for a few reasons:
  1. I am 5'10 and muscular, I look healthy and lean at 175 (I know this because I was at that weight for about 2 weeks my senior year in college)
  2. I have actually weighed that in my adult life and know it is possible
  3. If I weighed 175, I could gain 25 pounds with a pregnancy and still not go over 200 pounds

Is this possible? Time will tell. I will work my ass off (literally) to try and get there. I may have said before, my trainer's goal is not a weight but a size 8. He originally said 10 but changed it to 8 after I lost more weight because he says he can see my build more now and it is an 8.

Dude, my tiny mother-in-law is an 8. I tried to tell him I walked out of the womb a size 12. I was 12 in middle school and never went any smaller. I went up and down but never below a 12.

So we will have to see who has the more realistic goal. Hopefully I will meet one of them. If not, I am gonna die trying.

I guess I should do the work I came here to do. Please update your blogs soon so I have something to read later. Ta, ta for now!


PatriciaW said...

I found you because of GetFitAfter40.

I don't know. I lost a lot of weight in college while pledging a sorority and doing stupid stuff like pretty much not eating for six weeks. I went down to a size six. I never would have guessed that possible, as I, like you "came out the womb" a size 12. But that was too small for me. Not sure what I weighed. I do know that I can weigh about 130, which I believe will be about a size eight, and still look and feel healthy.

175 may be a size 10 on you. Then again, it might be a size 8. It's hard to correlate weight and size because it depends so much on the individual's body structure and muscle tone.

I say go for what feels right mentally, the thing you can wrap your mind around. You may surprise yourself.

wildfluffysheep said...

I know what you mean about blogs! I've been reading through loads for the last couple of hours. I love it. I can't believe I lived with out.

lol at freaky deakies!

fatty McButter Pants said...

I am addicted to blogs too. I spend too much time reading and writing on them, but I know that they are a big part of my success this time around.

So this Fat Camp. Are you there like 24/7. Or do you fit all the exercise in and have a life? Sounds like you really enjoying it!

tisha said...

5'10 and 175 is gonna be hot chiquita!!!! Zumba sounds like so much fun!