Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Wish I Could go to Fat Camp!

Last summer I taught summer school and it was over by 4th of July. I had about 5 weeks until school stuff really started up again. My birthday is the end of June and I had just turned 30. I wanted to send myself to fat camp as a present.

Guess what? It does exist for adults however, it is high dollar (about $4000-$6000) and only lasts a week or two. So right away I knew that was not an option.

I had a couple hundred dollars to spend on my gift to me so I decided I could have a month or two with a personal trainer and some serious new workout gear. I ended up sharing two sessions per week with my best bud (saving a few bucks). I also decided I would walk the dogs everyday. I started to watch my food intake. All this began July 15, 2008.

Then I thought: Hey! I can do fat camp myself. I just need to get up early, workout about 3 times per day, eat healthy and I can drop 20 pounds by the time school starts again. Well, that did not happen.

I had my training sessions, walked the dogs, swam a lot and did a walk-away-the-pounds dvd the other 5 days a week. I lost about 13 pounds. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

This summer I have more time and plan to waste none of it. I will dedicate my mornings to serious calorie burning and my afternoons to swimming. I even have a new diet plan from my trainer. Maybe this summer I will lose more weight. This is my summer of self-imposed fat camp. I am the director, counselor and camper. I hope my body survives!

I will walk/run 1.2 miles with my dogs everyday (just as I have been for the past year). I will have my four personal training sessions a week. I will have 5 to 6 additional aerobic classes (kick boxing or zumba). I also have my yoga dvd to work with and my EA Sports Active, although I am not sure how much I will use them yet.

My thoughts on the EA Sports Active are: awesome and fun. I have not gotten to try everything yet but I am impressed so far. The jump shots in basketball were some all over body work. The dancing was not my favorite because I do not think it was reading my moves correctly, therefor my calorie count was not accurate. The heavy punching bag was so fun. I laughed as I watched myself beat it silly and then it fell of the chain. That is just plain fun.

We will see how this all works. This will be my first week, so wish me luck. I will send you letters as often as I can. Don't forget to write me back.

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Shelley said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea of a self-imposed fat camp!!! Do you mind if I steal it?

P.S. you are so funny - looking forward to your "letters" from camp!