Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free at Last, Free at Last!!

School is over. YAHOO!!!!!! My stuff is finally all packed up and moved to a VERY full storage unit. I own a ton of crap. My book collection is quite impressive and heavy. Some extra calories burned there this week.

But now moving on to my new full time weight loss journey. Yesterday was weigh-in day. Drumroll please.......217.5. Which means 2 pounds lost this week (not bad since eating was a little different) and 71 pounds lost in all. I am pleased.

I did not miss a single workout even though this has been the busiest week of my life. I also ate pretty well. Not bad considering all the stress and the lady troubles that started Thursday. Next week might not be so hot but I guess I will just have to deal with it. I think I have earned a pedicure this weekend.

I have to workout with my trainer in an hour or so. I believe I am going to receive a new diet plan. Less carbs probably. This week, for the first time, he took my body fat percentage. I was hoping it would just be under 50%. My overall percentage is 38.7% Still seems pretty high for someone who has lost 70 pounds. I can only imagine what it was when I started - scary!

Well I need to walk my dogs. There are yards in the neighborhood just begging for them to come take a crap. Don't worry, it is daylight hours, so I have to pick it up.

Have an enjoyable weekend. I look forward to catching up on blogs tonight! I will also talk about my EA Sports Active tomorrow.


TJ said...

Congrats on finishing up the school year! High 5 on the loss!! Good job! :)

jo said...

Congrats on:

School being done!
Your great loss this week!
Your great overall loss!
Your working out even when super busy/stressed!