Saturday, May 9, 2009

Awww.....she's so sweet!

Well thanks so much to Aimee over at Best of What's Around. She is so sweet and gave me an award. I do enjoy her blog so.

I guess here is where I pass it on. The rules? Pass it along to 5 fellow super bloggers, and comment on their blog to let them know how lucky they are today! When you present your Super Blogger awards, link back to the super blogger who gave it to you. So here are some good ones.

  1. Tisha over at A Blob Blog has a very interesting journey going on that I am fascinated with. I am so glad she is sharing her story, I am learning a lot from her.
  2. Acting Skinny is young, fresh and honest. I enjoy reading her true to heart yet slightly sarcastic entries. You never know what she will post.
  3. Stages of Change is a very introspective blogger. He analyzes his journey and shares with all. I wish he would post even more.
  4. Deb over at Shedding My FatSuit is brutally honest, which is difficult to do. Yet, she keeps on. Her strength is so admirable. I enjoy all the posts - no matter what the topic.
  5. WildFluffySheep over at Infatuation:it will eat you is a great writer and she lives in England which makes her blog even more fun to read. It is heart-felt, honest and entertaining.

There are so many others. I just hope everyone knows that when you share your stories, they are appreciated.

In other news......those damn lady troubles are back and helped me acquire half a pound. Thanks uterus-toting body of mine. I am bloated and in pain which made my trainer pity me (for like the 2nd time ever), he said I look like shit and cut my workout way short today. Man, he really knows how to sweet talk the ladies.

I also went on a job interview Friday. I am a 1st grade teacher and am currently working in an unstable environment administration-wise. So I put in for a transfer in case I wanted out. I was not going to pursue it. But, surprise! It pursued me. I got a call on Wednesday, set up the interview for Friday (what could it hurt?), interviewed for like an hour and a half, was offered the job before I left, decided to take it this morning. What, a whirlwind! I was going to have to move classrooms anyway so if I am packing up my crap, I might as well really move it. Also, I have shrunk out of my school shirts (I do not think that is the technical term, but all my shirts are too big now) and need to buy new ones. So that will be a huge pain in my ass as the school year draws to a close but I think it was meant to be. Another workout of lugging boxes of teacher crap in the muggy Texas weather.

So now I need to catch up on everyone else's adventures. Hopefully you all lost more weight than I did this week. I am just going to use my stick-to-it-ness (another of my technical terms) to keep working at it and hope it will even out later on down the road (like tomorrow - I am so impatient).


tisha said...

Hi there- thanks for the blogger award. That's really nice of you. Congrats on your new job. I don't envy you moving everything in Texas humidity! YUK! Thank you again for the award. :)

wildfluffysheep said...

Sorry I'm so late in stopping by. Revision and all that jazz.

Thank you ever so much :D for the award and your kind kind words. It really made my day.

lol@ uterus toting body. But *hugs* for the pain, not fun. Sorry, missus.

CONGRATS on the new job. I want to become a teacher eventually. *high fives*