Sunday, April 5, 2009

I am a SLACKER!!

I was catching up on blogs today. I see that back on April 1st I was tagged by Best of What's Around ( to post my 7 favorite things. Here it goes:

  1. My unbelievably cute and fun twin god daughters and their mother (my super duper best friend ever)
  2. Naps. Taking them in the pool on a float or on my super comfortable bed. The longer the better - 2 hours is like perfect.
  3. Chapstick. And it must be that brand. I have a serious addiction that has been in affect since 1996. I have not gone one single day without it. In fact, I wake in the night to use it sometimes.
  4. Reading books for fun. This has only really happened in the past 5 years but I am obsessed trying to read as much as I can. I want to learn about everything. Unless it disrupts a nap.
  5. Being a teacher. Even when you have a not-so-great class like I do this year, they are precious and say the best things. There is no greater feeling than knowing you just opened the door for a child to learn how to read and help them see how they can love it too.
  6. Cuddling with my dogs (and husband occasionally - we are the cuddly type). My dogs are the best! Especially since they stopped shitting in the house (my husband and I have a rule of finders, keepers - so believe me, I make sure he makes it home first, just in case)
  7. Changing my view of myself. I never thought I could do athletic things before - now I can see I can. I never thought I would be below a size 20 again - I already am. I had resided myself to being the "fat friend" - I no longer am, won't be long til we all shop together. I felt smart but weak - now I feel like I have a lot to learn but I can because I am strong. As a teacher I have changed lives, it is nice to finally realize I can change my own.

Wow! What a great mental exercise. Thank you Aimee from Best of What's Around. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! That was one of the happiest times in my life and I am sure it will be for you too.


Deb said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am addicted to Carmex. :-)

Aimee said...

thank you! :)

i forgive you for slacking! lol.

Aimee said...

ps: you've prolly just been too busy losing all that weight! ;)