Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling Light

So evidently, today was the day. The day I actually felt....light. I am still extremely large, don't get me wrong. I am aware. However, I felt light. My trainer had to cancel because he was sick. Last night I had to go to a retirement dinner and my body really wanted to workout today (crazy I know). I could not go two nights in a row without a good sweat. So I quickly changed and headed to my fancy lady gym for a class I have not taken in months - Zumba. It is like a latin dance, semi-aerobic class. The difficulty and amount you sweat depends on the instructor. Tonight's instructor was great!

There is something I love about large group aerobic classes (as long as no one invades my personal space). Looking up at the mirror and seeing everyone move in unison (as long as I am not screwing it up) to good music makes me really happy for some reason. I increased the intensity where I could. I loved it! I miss group classes. I plan to take more when I am out of school for the summer. Anywho, I felt light. Like I am almost 60 pounds less heavy, kind of light.

I am not totally retarded. I noticed a difference at about 30 pounds. But mostly because I started getting cold so easily. I keep socks in my purse and always have a sweater now because I get cold all the time. Less fat, less insulation I guess.

All day today I felt like I was floating. Except when I was running with the dogs this morning. Running makes me feel heavy. It is easier than when I started running (I was about 270 pounds when I started that lovely venture), but it will never be an easy task for me. Otherwise, today I felt awesome! I could have done Zumba for another hour. I know what your thinking.....I hate her......I have days when I hate people like this too but lately I am so happy to workout and see what I can do now.

Want to know what I discovered on Monday? My trainer knows I hate squats, so I have been doing lunges (about 50 different ways) for months. Monday he decided it was time for squats. One-legged squats. ONE-LEGGED! But I could do them. He has lost his marbles. Maybe this is why Zumba was so refreshing for me.

So I am you feel lighter? When did you notice?


Sandy said...

Somedays "I feel pretty, oh so preety and dainty and light" Okay so I totaly stole that one, lol.

I know what you mean though. Now you inspired me. I haven't exercise in a week because I've been sick but I can't use that excuse anymore (thanks alot, lol).

Time to get off my butt, hope you have a great, "light" week :)

Karyn said...

Somewhere around 25-30 lbs off i began to feel like I looked great most of the time.

I'm so glad you are feeling so good - and enjoying your workouts!

Fat[free]Me said...

Not yet, but reading your post has inspired me to keep on trying to get there!

And well done with all your workouts.