Sunday, March 1, 2009

Late Friday Weigh-In

Sorry for the late post but things were crazy busy this week. Well my weight stayed the same this week. Even with good eating and four consecutive days with my trainer. I am sure I will be up next week since I am currently in Las Vegas.

This place is so much fun. So as for my previous post.....yes, the seats seem bigger (at least in the ass). I had extra seatbelt leftover (about 5 inches) and it has been a while since that happened. I am also proud that I have been going to the exercise room and doing some real cardio. They have treadmills, a stairmaster (bun-burner), and a bike. Yesterday I did all three with some abs and back work. And surely all this walking helps. I ran for 16 consecutive minutes yesterday (not bad when back in December I started running 1 to 2 minute intervals). I will see if I can repeat today, although I did eat a big dinner late last night.

Well my family is off to the NASCAR races today so I am on my own! I have a fun day planned. I am obsessed with the fountains at the Bellagio. I must go back again. So to start my day I will go back down to the exercise room.

I hope you all are doing well. And I look forward to catching up with your posts when I return. Happy losing!


Kimberly said...

Isn't it awesome to get things back in your life because you are losing weight? The first time that happened to me I was on a high for a week! Congratulations. :)

I am really impressed you have a trainer. I am thinking about getting one when I weigh less than 250.

Acting Skinny said...

Hi! I'm a new weight loss blogger and I love this post. A lot. Especially the part about the airplane seats. Because I remember when I was little, I went on a roller coaster and these two women behind me asked me if I'd been on the ride before and how big the seats are. I was confused, because I was ten and I was pretty skinny. You know, the whole no hormones, no cravings, lots of energy thing helped a lot. But anyway, I sort of promised myself that I would never let it get to that. And remembering myself thinking of that just motivated me a lot more. Because I still don't look at how big a seat is when I sit in it, but I do minor things like not sit in a seat because I'm afraid there's not enough room and being embarrassed to ask people to move down.

Anyway, sorry I'm ranting in a comment. I just thought that would be interesting to you. Keep up the good work!

Natalie said...

Have a blast in Vegas, you deserve it and I'm sure your walking plenty. What a great feeling to actually notice shrink instead of it being your pants it's your butt.