Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wanna See Something Gross?

Picture 1 - Aloha Fatty!

Picture 2 - Holy Cow!

I know it is kind of like when someone says "this smells awful, smell it." You really don't want to but the other person is insistent. Why? Because the offensive odor is so unbelievable it must be shared.

And so? I must share. What you are witnessing is graphic and is intended for mature audiences only.....just kidding! My best friend and I had some tremendous laughs looking for some of the worst before pictures we could find. There were a lot to choose from, including many swimsuit photos (she is camera crazy because of her twin daughters and there is no stopping her so it is easier to just ignore her and her camera).

The before pics we were looking for were not for this blog. My friends and family are not aware of this blog yet. I am not sure when/if I will tell them. There are all super supportive but I feel like this something I have to do for me. Create my own support system that does not always involve them.

But I thought that these pics were too funny not to share. I am not sensitive about my weight so let the comments fly! Especially since I no longer look like that. Tomorrow is a trainer day and I will try to get a nice sweaty workout pic. Since everyone else is doing it I will show me at my loveliest.

So...stay tuned.


Karyn said...

So where's your NOW pictures?

Learning to be Less said...

Okay I am posting a now picture.