Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ow!! Well I went out for New Years. My husband's and my best friend's shut down their bar for a private party. That was great. I did not eat or drink too much but I knew I was in trouble when I could feel a few muscles (from working out earlier) as the night wore on. Essentially I went to bed about 4 this morning. I tried to get up about noon. I say tried because I can feel just about every muscle from working out. I have not been this sore since I started working out in July. We are talking abs - lots of 'em, my arse - too many lunges, arms - push ups and machines, even my feet - although that may be from the new years party. I think I will wait to walk the dogs. There will be no trotting today. At least I am aware that I worked some muscles yesterday. However, we are working out again tomorrow and it is even harder to do sore. I guess I will just have to whine more.

Happy New Year!!


Linda said...

yay! we can comment!

Good job on the workouts. That's a good sore!

Kimberly said...

Yay! A comment window.

Keep at it. Don't push yourself past the point that you can realistically do while sore, but keeping active and doing some exercise is good and will help work the soreness out.