Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inclement Weather Day

No school today! Yahoo. Since I live in a southern locale, the roads will be fine by the time I need to workout with my trainer. This has delayed the dogs' walk and they seem a little peeved about that. So what have I been doing? Catching up on blogs and tivo. I have two tivos so that can add up to a lot of shows. I did realize today how many weight-related shows I had recorded. Here is what I had:
  1. Oprah (Monday and Tuesday) - teens facing weight issues - this was really good
  2. Biggest Loser - Wow! I think this game is going to change a little. What a competition!
  3. Fat Free Fiances (on FLN) - This show is really good but I do not see the weight loss as sustainable.
  4. Buldging Brides (on FLN) - pretty decent, yet again not very sustainable weight loss.
  5. Diet Tribe (on Lifetime) - This is a group of friends that at times seem slightly dysfunctional but they are sweet and the trainer cares and is super cute.

Even with all these inspiring shows, my training sessions, increased ability to jog/run, weight watcher meetings, awesome blog posts, and incredibly generous complements from everyone I still find it hard to get my act together and stick with everything. It is like I lost my balance and trying to find it again is sooooo hard. Is this true for anyone else? I mean I would think that by the end of January I would have my sh*t together by now. I am doing it all but it does seem harder than it was before the holidays.

Also, tomorrow is my husband's birthday. So I am going to cheat and move my at home weigh-in to Thursday morning. Just for this week. Next week I will go back to Friday. I do not think it will hurt. I do not plan on being too bad but we are going to one of our favorite places and they have what we call our "death row" meal. You know, if you were allowed one more meal before you die, what it would be and where it would be from. Yup - some serious Irish nachos for me.

Well good luck to everyone this week and I will try and go to turbo kick-boxing before my death row meal tomorrow to try and alleviate some of my guilt.

Peace out!