Saturday, January 22, 2011

Biggest Loser?

I am still here. Just busy and sleepy. Still working out hard when I can (down to about 3 days per week). Baby Evie turned 3 months old on Thursday. She is getting so strong!! She is close to rolling over. If I start to pull her up by her arms, she pushes herself into a standing position. She amazes me. She consumes my off-time from work (as I think she should). Hence my absence here.

I am still conscience of my 50 pounds I need to lose (especially when I wore 3 inch heels on Wednesday and my feet were hurting by the end of the day - it was not like that pre-pregnancy). I am not super close calorie counting and I have stayed away from the scale so I assume I am maintaining. I need motivation. That is to say I need competition. So I joined the Biggest Loser contest at work. I have done this before and won (yay for $$) and I have done this and come in 3rd (smaller jeans but no $$). Either way, I lost because I am SUPER competitive. I like to trash talk and workout harder than the others. Now I just have to figure out who the strong competitors are so I can razz the right people.

I ordered something off an infomercial last week. Yes, me. Me, whom makes fun of my mother for doing the same thing. However, I am a little more educated about this one. I ordered Turbofire by Chalene Johnson. She created turbo kickboxing. I do it every Tuesday. I really like it. These videos seem harder but I can do them at home with Evie. She does enjoy watching me work out. It has been too cold to jog with Evie in her stroller so I will try this. I did P90X so I should be able to do this.

I figured out that my knee hurts from the ligaments getting too tight after pregnancy. Should go away on its own eventually. This week was better but I want it back the way it was. I was able to jump around A LOT in body attack this week. That made me feel better. Until I was stiff and sore and bent over the bath tub with Evie. Oh well, I guess that is how I know it is working.

I am also working at 140% capacity at school. I have a student teacher (whom I want to teach everything I can the right way). I have 4 kids far below grade level in reading that I am trying to catch up a little before testing in the next few weeks. I discovered when I came back that my class could not count by 5s. By January in 1st grade this is unacceptable. They can do it now. They also cannot tell you the main idea of a story. Oh lord!! What did they do while I was away? I have changed everything!! I have rocked their world (and mine). I am doing 16 guided reading groups per week. This is a TON of work on me but they need it and love it. Maybe someday I will sleep peacefully again.

Evie does not eat as much as I think she should. She does not sleep through the night. Yet she is happy and healthy so I am not complaining. Life is just worry after worry anymore I guess.

Like a hamster in a wheel, I am still here running. I may not make much progress for a while but I will be damned if I am going to stop. Keep being my inspiration friends!! I need it more than ever.

By the way, I have seen some new good shows. I am watching I Used to be Fat on MTV (along with Teen Mom2 - love it!) and Heavy on A&E. They are great shows! I just wished they would share what diet info they are giving these people!


KC said...

The fact that you are managing to work out at all given you are working and having a young baby is amazing! So give yourself a pat on the back for that. The good thing about working out (as you know) is that it helps you have more energy. Good luck with the Biggest Loser thing at work.

Joy said...

Girl you have a lot on your plate!! But you can totally do it!! Enjoy that baby, they grow up so fast. My middle baby turns 29 tomorrow. I am waaaaaay to young for kids this old :-)

Keep focused!!!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Wow- you are one busy woman but it sounds like you have your priorities straight. Good luck on the contest!

reeceh22 said...

Hi! I've enjoyed reading some of your posts! I have just started a weight loss blog as well and would love it if you would follow me. I need all the support I can get!


Nikki Kendall said...

P90X kicked my butt! YOu go girl!

Nancy said...

Just found your blog. Congrat's on your sweet baby girl. She's beautiful! Your wt loss is very inspiring and I wish you lots of luck losing your baby fat! I love competition too. It sure makes losing the wt more fun! I just finished my 3rd week of wt loss with 76 more pounds to go!

Aimee said...

D - send me an email - - I lost your email address but I have some sleeping through the night tricks that may or may not help you. At least until teething rolls around....

Anonymous said...

You look great, actually! Pretty pics of you and your sweet baby. I bought Yoga Booty Ballet from Beachbody too. I like it. Not too, too hard and I can do it at home.