Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm still alive - just tired

Hello my blogging friends! I have missed you so. Thank you so much for the nice comments and well wishes. It has been a bumpy ride this last week. I knew there would be adjustments and hard times but I was shocked at what was hard.

1st let me say that my water did end up breaking on 10/20 at 1:30am so I got to the hospital on no sleep. Contractions were hard (until I got an epidural) and then it was all smooth sailing and sunny skies. I went to a hospital that pushes breast feeding (really hard) which I wanted to do anyway. When I left on Friday I specifically followed the instructions of the pediatrician. What a HUGE mistake. I ended up with 10 hours of sleep in a 4 day time span, a starving baby, I cried non-stop for 4 days and I have 2nd degree blisters on my nipples.

I sought the help of the lactation consultant and things are looking up. She is getting boob milk but I had to take her off and kind of start over so I could heal. But the tears stopped. I got a little more sleep and my baby is happy and rid of her jaundice issue. Thank goodness for this SUPER awesome lactation lady.

Evie is pretty much perfect. She is strong, beautiful and healthy. I could ask for nothing more. So I will sum it up in pictures for you.

1st family photo

Best bud's beautiful daughters who thought Evie lived in a turtle tank at the hospital (how cute is that?)

The dogs are adjusting (or claiming territory)

She has enough hair to wear bows (thanks to best bud for giving us bows so soon)

Oh and hats that make Evie look British to me (spot of tea anyone?)

The day I finally stopped crying, we went for a family walk for the first time in our super awesome BOB stroller.

Things seem to be on the up swing again for the moment. I feel pretty good. I can fit in a size 16 and button and zip the pants but I have a spectacular muffin top. I am a LONG way from my size 10s and may never see them again but I will try my best.
I hope to start catching up on your blogs. Sorry for the absence, I will try to be better about posting again. Have a great week!


CJ said...

She is gorgeous! Make me want to have one of my own cubs real bad! You both look great! Congratulation once again!

cmoursler said...

number 1
She is beautiful.
number 2
every last piece of breastfeeding advice I got from the hospital was sheer crap.
football hold my right eye.
across the tummy for me thanks.
I too got some cracked and bleeding nips.
used herbal tea bags did the trick..try it or you may have already tried it...made a world of difference.
And I have had 2 kids. I am in a size 10...you can and will get back there but give yourself time. You just went through one heckuva ordeal..just make sure you rest when the baby does....sleep is paramount.
congrats again.

Linda Pressman said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! My daughter clamped on so hard I thought I'd go through the roof and then got mastitis twice. I swear I pumped more with both kids than I breastfed! Anything you do will be fine, really.

And I'll second what Chris said about regaining your shape. You JUST had the baby! My son is 15 and my daughter's 11. I used to weigh 211 pounds but I've weighed 135 for 10 years. Mothers can achieve any results they set their minds to!

Gemma said...

Aww, she is adorable!! Congratulations xx

Christine said...

She is beautiful!!!!

Take time for yourself and family and do not worry about blogging...we will be here when you have time!!!

Size 10, you will get there but again in time. After 6 babies I am now wearing a size 10. Anything is possible if you believe it!

Joy said...

She is beautiful!!! Love the hat!!!

I thought the stroller had wings, then I realized it was the dog. Well it could have been wings. There are so many new things for babies. Every time I go into the baby section at the store, I pick up things and have no idea what they are for. They have things that I did not even know we needed to have. It's crazy!! Makes me feel old!!!

Congrats on your beautiful baby!!

Blossom said...

Congratulations, what a cutie!

Heather said...

She looks like a baby doll.
She's sooo adorable...and that hair - amazing!

River said...

Tears of joy! :) I know I'm silly but look at that beautiful family! You have a girl!! AWWWWW amazing...

Happy Birthday Evie ♥

Amber said...

Congrats!! Shs is beautiful, and too cute in hats!!
Lanolin will be your best friend. It's a sipmle, cheep cream for your nipples. It's usually in a purple tube and it can be found at any grocery or drug store!
just put it on after each feeding and trust me you will be a happy camper.
SO happy for you!!!

Cassie said...

I hear you had your baby on the same day I had mine 10/20/10 @ 3:28am. How funny is that. Hope the breastfeeding gets better. Fortunately I haven't had problems with that. But crap with all my pregnancy problems I had you would think that I would be given a break some where. I haven't even thought about slipping on my jeans.... I got rid of all my 16's awhile ago... DARN IT. Hope everything gets better. Evie sure it cute. I will post pics of Zander later.

Jenn said...

Awe, your little girl is just gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear about the breastfeeding issues. I was there - with my first I wound up having to use a nipple shield with her for 6 months, it was the only way she would latch on.
My little guy loves the boob (typical)! But he's having gas issues at night - so I'm exhausted. Blech. This too shall pass!

F. McButter Pants said...

She is A.Do.Able. I still think it is so cool that "our" babies were born on the same day!

I think you look great. Good luck with the breast feeding. Hopefully it will get easier.

ladyofthehouse said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!!!
My heart goes out to you, I had the same begining experience with nursing. So glad things are going better for you!!
You look wonderful. You'll get back into your old size, but for now take time to rest and enjoy that beautiful little girl!!
diane :)