Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh's starting

Today was kind of funny to me. Somedays as a teacher are kind of stressful. Like today, I had to have two parents come pick up their children for behavior issues. Not just sent to the office, sent home. One of them started in at 8:05 (the minute the bell rang) - he was hitting other children by 8:25. I think that is a record for any child I have ever had (and I have had a few emotionally disturbed and some bad post-traumatic stress disordered children). The office was NOT loving me today (hello paperwork - and it was a big testing day).

So I had to take my entertainment where I could get it.

A little back story - I started at a new school this year. I have only lost 25 pounds since I have met my fellow co-workers. I lost the majority of my weight at my previous school. Everyone watched me shrink. It was fun for us all. Most of my new co-workers do not know how big I used to be or how much weight I have lost.

Now I shall continue. I wore a new shirt that is cut like a maternity shirt (only it isn't). Two teachers (not one, TWO) teachers came up and rubbed my belly and told me I was getting a baby bump. There is a baby. There is a bump. However, at the moment my bump is chub and loose skin (which is from previous weight loss). Inside I was laughing and thinking, how does it feel to rub someone else's fat? It is not as squishy as I thought. It is a bit firm (but not by much). Outside I smiled and acknowledged the growing area. But I have to say, had it not been really nice people, my instinct would have been to smack their hand away.

Guess I will have to get over that. No one at my previous job would have dared to do that, knowing that there was the possibility of it being fat and excess skin. It was a bit shocking but I have a feeling it is just going to get worse. It's gonna be a LONG pregnancy.

By the way. I cannot stop eating starchy things (such as crackers). So if you have a recommendation of a great tasting cracker, I would love to hear it.

Oh, the other highlight of my day! My class and I started working on our Mother's Day cookbook. They told me the recipe that they want to contribute. This is going to be AWESOME!! My favorite activity every year. This year it is mostly desserts. The most interesting dish goes to a Vietnamese student who wants to write about fish, noodle soup. I cannot wait to hear all the details!

Hope you had an entertaining day as well.


Anonymous said...

Girl I have to give you credit for not slapping their hands away like your instinct told you to do!

I don't know why people think this behavior is OK!?! I am NOWHERE near ready (and don't even know if I want) for kids/being pregnant but that behavior is one of the things that freaks me out about the whole experience! Obviously in the long run it is something petty if you really want/are ready for a child, but still. No excuse.

Drazil said...

Great crackers I just found - Special K crackers - 24 of the suckers for only 120 calories and perfect with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese - and I think they have fiber and protein in them too!

cmoursler said...

I had to of the most amazingly rude experiences of my life while pregnant...The first was when I was pregnant with my oldest..I looked young (I was 19) but was legally married AND IN THE MILITARY.
I am standing on a train platform in massachussettes...liberal hellpit infested with nosey middle aged women...and some woman comes up to me and says "Don't you think your a little young to be having a baby."
I looked at first shocked and then REALLY amused...
I say "I don't know, why don't you ask my husband"..
(who is 6'5 and a mean looking sob)
She just goes'Oh, I'm sorry." and then scurries away.
The second was when I was pregnant with my youngest (and this one I forgive, because I always forgive the elderly their eccentricities)
This old lady comes up and puts both hands on my belly, leans forward and kisses my belly and says "oh, a precious baby'.
I was shocked and humiliated..
but then kind of touched.
It's weird.
It does end...and then you 'll have tons of stories to tell..
just keep your sense of humor.

Cassie said...

Sorry your day was not as good as you hoped. I do understand the cravings. The last day or so I have wanted tootsie rolls constantly... I blame Let me know how your dvd goes. I looked on Amazon but it doesn't have any reviews. So let me know how you like it. Hope tomorrow is better. That makes me laugh about the people who rubbed your belly. I figure it will get worse the further along you get. BEst of LUck :)

Linda Pressman said...

LOL on Chris' comments!

My most obnoxious comment was after I had my daughter I was shopping at Costco and my daughter was a gorgeous, red-cheeked healthy-looking baby. A woman walks up to me and just about yells, "Now I can tell without a doubt that that baby is being breast fed!"

I think I has just started transitioning my daughter to formula because I was going back to work, but I wasn't going to tell her that!

River said...

I'm sorry but I hate it when people think I'm pregnant. I wanna punch people (don't send me home though) I believe one day I might really hit something. I wanna cry each time and that feeling doesn't go away for a week or even more. I really admire your attitude.

F. McButter Pants said...

Oh dear...people are so weird. If you want to put a stop to it you might as well get a t-shirt made that says DONT

I like just regular saltines. I know....BORING.

Jenn said...

Unfortunately it's only the beginning! My Aunt rubbed my belly on Easter, and I said, "That's just me, the baby is way down here!" lol

Anonymous said...

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