Sunday, January 24, 2010

Really? A buffet?

I went out of town for a wedding yesterday. Best bud's brother. It was a nice affair. I got to be on baby duty for the ceremony (they are so damn cute) and drinking duty for the reception (yipee!).
Best bud's family and friends are so nice. They all had nice things to say about my weight loss. A few even felt me up a little (my newly discovered waist - nothing dirty). Even the groom complimented me. How sweet are you to compliment someone else on your own wedding day? Some of my favorite comments:
  1. You look......100%.....different.
  2. Hey.....where is the rest of you?

It was a fun night although it was filled with the LONGEST wedding toasts I think I have ever heard. They were good speeches just long. I have the attention span of a 6 year old (hence why I am a 1st grade teacher). Afterward we hit up the hotel bar and then had best bud's other best friend and fiance up to our room for some drinks and we all had an in-depth discussion on the merits of rice pilaf. Drunk people are hilarious - dancing and conversation. I enjoy them. However, we did not go to bed until after 4:30 this morning.

We had to get up and drive the 3 hours home this morning. That was a bit painful. I just wanted to eat some pancakes. All the decent places were too busy and I did not want to stop at McDonald's. As we see a sign for a restaurant, Hubby says - that place used to have good breakfast but it is a buffet. The place was called the Sirloin Stockade and I had never eaten at one before. We stopped. HUGE mistake. I have strong opinions about buffets anyway. This place was gross. The food was disgusting. It totally reinforced my prejudices about buffets. Hubby thought I was going to walk out and had I not been really hungry and already paid way too much money for super crappy food, I would have.

Reliving this experience for this post makes my skin crawl. Chewy hashbrowns, dry chicken, unidentifiable meats, no fruit, greasy fat-laddened casserole type troughs of crap. What is it that people find enjoyable about these places? I am sure there are some good ones out there but I have yet to find one. Salad bar places, I like. But these others scare me.

Hubby swallowed a chicken bone and thought he was going to choke. I vowed to avenge his death and then asked if I could file an accidental death claim. He thought it would be more like a murder charge.

This will now be referred to as the trip where we ate at the most disgusting buffet ever. You know how you land mark things that are horrendous. Like, "dinner at restaurant X was not that great but at least it was not like that meal we had that time at the Sirloin Stockade where you almost died from the chicken bone." The only upside is that I have nowhere to go but up. Every meal I have this week will be like heaven now.

The shittiest part is all the calories I probably consumed. I do not mind if it is awesome food, but this was less than stellar. It is haunting.

You are welcome for this cheery post. I hope you all have a super week! Beware of buffets!!!


S. said...

I have to say...with a name like "Sirloin Stockade" I'd expect just about the experience you describe. Except maybe along with the smell of cow shit.

Jodie said...

your picture is AWESOME! You are rocking that dress!

cmoursler said...

Okay, first your dress is awesome...
um, it's named the sirloin STOCKADE..
I would expect an animal pen.
What a God awful name.
I do the same thing, but it's with the most fantastic meal My husband and I ever ate, It was the red coach Inn in Niagra falls.
I had trout stuffed with sage.
It was fanfribbentastic.
Now everything is a let down.
At least you have no where to go but up. lol.
Glad you both survived the meal.

Deb said...

You. Are. SMOKIN'!!!

Losing Waist! said...

Hey! I haven't checked in on you in a while, but the picture was arresting. You have been around since the start of my blogging, and you look absolutely transformed. Amazing. I wanted to let you know. Beautiful.

Hallie said...

Your sirloin stockade story reminds me of a trip I took to a fish camp near here. It was supposed to be a bit of a treat, but it was awful - the food was fried and gross (not that those two things have to go together) and like you, I regretted that I wasted all those calories (and money) on food I didn't even like.

MizFit said...

**love** the dress as well.
and entirely get what you said here (could you hear my shouts of HELL to the YES?)

Im not one to ever obsess about calories----yet when I eat ick (for me its typically stuff I just dont like but which was ostensibly prepared "just for me" by friends or family :) dont ask...Im getting better at saying NO THANK YOU) it does bum me out and weigh me down.

new day.
new week.

Lets just focus on today!


Melissa said...

A few comments:
* You look beautiful in the picture
* At my sister's wedding, I thought the toasts were never going to end (we were at the rehearsal dinner though, not the wedding). I wanted to shoot myself... I didn't even give one. Seriously. It was absolutely ridiculous.
* Buffets are not my friend. You pay SO much. The food is not good. And you generally eat too much... and if you don't eat much, then you have SERIOUSLY overpaid and people think something must be wrong with you for not "enjoying the buffet."

BEE said...

wow you looks so pretty in that dress

buffets are really gross

i might have went to mc donalds instead lol

even though you cant find anything to eat there either

there is nothing to eat anywhere actually i usually bring a snack bar that has lots of protein to get me through

Anonymous said...

You look great!! It's such a transformation when you can see your before pics right next to this current one.

Great job :)

Karen said...

You look fab in that dress girl!

PS I am not a huge fan of buffets either!

antgirl said...

YOu look fantastic!

The buffet incident will soon be in your past. Next time you will be better armed for the situation. So, keep in mind what you learned from it. Most importantly, you had a great time at an event you should enjoy. :)

TJ said...

You deserved all of the comments! You look amazing adn have worked very hard to get where you are today! :) YIPPEEEE

Tricia said...

You look HOT HOT HOT! :)

And thanks for your sweet comment.

Mae Flowers said...

I feel the same way about most buffets- yuck!

You look fantastic!!

Aimee said...

Great dress, you look fantastic!

Buffets are so awful. I agree, if you're doing to do some calorie damage, at least let it be with good food. lol At least you have the story to tell now.

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

You look great!