Sunday, January 3, 2010

I want to go back....

Back to this....
This is me crushing a giant caterpillar at best bud's house a few weeks ago. I miss hanging out there. My folks just left tonight. Between both families - it has been a crazy, busy 2 weeks. I am sick of entertaining others. I only want to entertain myself. I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW.

Oh well. With that comes routine. I do like my routine. I did exercise religiously but food is another story. A few too many cheat meals and I am about to make pancakes for dinner. I might as well go out with a bang. Tomorrow I will count every calorie.

So Saturday I got up super early and rejoined Weight Watchers. I am not sure if I will like it or if it will annoy me. The good news is I only paid $20 for the 1st month so I will give it that long to impress me. It was an annoying meeting but the regular meeting leader was out sick so I think that was the worst part. I wish TJ were my meeting leader. Then I know I would love it.

I am very impressed by everyone's goals for the new year. Some people have exact miles they want to walk, bike or run. Some have gym hours they want to log. Some have races they want to train for. I need to work on some specific goals. I will get back to you on that topic. Right now I know I have one goal for this year and that is to try and have a baby before the year is through.

I have a few more weeks of this P90X and then I will start trying on that goal. The only other goal I can think of is I want to find some new recipes and cook about once a week. Just to make things a little different. I am not sure if my body can lose much (or any) more weight on the scale so I do not know if I have a goal there. I could probably lose another 10 but I am not sure. I guess my body will let me know.

Today before my mom left, she had me make her a diet and workout routine. She wants to lose 10 pounds. Actually, she has wanted to lose 10 pounds my whole life. She was an overweight child/teenager. She lost that weight but those last 10 pounds have stuck around since I was born 31 years ago.

I gotta say, I question how dedicated she will be. This takes a ton of work. It is like a full time job. I even took her to grocery stores. We checked labels and I showed her some of the healthier finds that I think taste pretty good. She seems excited and promised to stick to the plan.

Did I ever tell you she orders every piece of magical workout equipment with an infomercial? My house has been home to many bizarre things. I personally loved the thigh-master. Her most recent purchase (6 months ago) was this mini-trampoline with a bar on it. It is supposed to work on your core. I asked her today if she ever tried it. Nope. Just sitting in her living room. I asked if she thought the act or purchasing it would melt the fat away. I was given a list of excuses as to why she couldn't use it. That is fine, it just makes me laugh. God love her.

I could post all day about the funny ass crap we had in our house. Perhaps another day. I am off to make some pancakes! Hope you have a good week!


Deb said...

Yeah, I find it to be really hit or miss with the WW leaders. I had a really good one in Plano that I loved. Then I switched to a Frisco meeting and the leader was a kindergarten teacher...and it showed. The sing-songy baby voice was more than I could take. I need a WW leader with an edge. ;-)

What a Splurge said...

I'm laughing at the story about your mom. Too funny. My former tax lady had a house full of infomercial exercise equipment. She couldn't help herself with those 800 numbers. But wait ... if she ordered NOW, she'd get .....usually more stuff she didn't use.

Monica said...

I was the same way with my WW leader, she was not motivating at all! I like cheery & funny people who proudly tell me how they lost weight. The woman was nice and all but she was sooooo quiet. No oomph. I need some oomph.

How awesome should you have a baby this year! Imagine all the fun that comes with trying!

Linda Pressman said...

Love, love, love the story about your mom and all the exercise equipment. I guess it's the same as starting a diet every Monday, right? Pinning her hopes on each new piece of equipment.

I had this WW leader once who I loved and I almost got to goal, then quit and came back in about thirty pounds up much later. She took one look at me, sighed, and said, "You were one enema away from your goal weight." With that crack I disappeared again and came back even fatter.

cmoursler said...

my mom is the qvc queen.
She buys almost all of her items from qvc.
If I get a box from qvc, I just know it's from her.
ilove people with makes them interesting.
I would say with all the exercise you are probably really fit and maintaining. Maybe even losing.
here's to hoping.
Have a good first day back to work.

athinnerkatie said...

I am so excited you are going to try for a baby this year. That makes the teeny tiny race I am doing such small potatoes!

I hope you have tons of fun trying, and much success.

Oh and you will such a gorgeous pregnant woman, not a fat bloated whale like I was.

Miz said...

oooh I have always longed fer a mini tramp!

that said it would probably hangout with my BOSU in the corner making me feel badly about my core :)

and mamahood. can not even begin to go there or I would hijack your entire post.

all for the better.

xo xo,


Amanda said...

Gawd, this is like a full time job, isn't it? Thanks for the conspiratorial giggle.

Melissa said...

Good luck with the baby making! Maybe your annoyingly short-cycle will come in handy!

Jenn said...

I'm on a baby-making mission this year too!
Best of luck with WW - I hope you like the real meeting leader.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Pancakes for dinner sounds delicious!

And that's a cool goal :) I hope you achieve it!

Oh, and your mom sounds a bit like how I was. I actually had an ab-flex when I was about 10 years old. Birthday present because I wanted it so bad... ugh. Didn't use it at all.

Karyn said...

I have to admit...I've been a sucker for exercise equipment myself. If my hubby hadn't put an end to it, I'd probably have even more than I already do. LOL

Congrats on your great success! You look wonderful. You've worked very hard and deserve the size 10.

Good luck on your main goal for this year!

wildfluffysheep said...

you're looking super cute on the caterpillar missus!

oh man now i really fancy pancakes just as well i cant get to the shop with all the snow around here or id be having baaaaaaaaaaaaaad pancakes!

i would join weight watchers if TJ was a leader!

OOOOOO i sooo hope this year brings you an iccle baby! how exciting!