Friday, January 29, 2010


I know I never really went anywhere but with today's weigh-in, I am back down to my lowest weight - 174.8. For the week, I am down 1.6 pounds. Not bad considering last weekend with the wedding and that HORRIFIC buffet on the way home Sunday. This seems just about the time lady troubles will hit and ruin the next two weeks worth of weigh-ins.

I must admit I felt a little guilty. I mean I hit that weight for the 1st time on Thanksgiving day. It stayed there for a week or so but then all the holiday and eating and crap set in. I was back and forth in a 5 pound range for about the past 2 months. In this time (and for some reason especially the past week) I have never received so many compliments. Even in my workout classes and I see these people at least once a week (depending on when they go....I am always there). Must be my new workout clothes.

Now I never stopped exercising. In fact, I am entering my last week of weight training on P90X (review to come). So it must be that the exercise continues to shape even if the weight goes up a bit. Keep that mind my peeps.

Today is hubby's b-day. 37. Crazy how time flies. That means today will be a HUGE Mexican cheat meal.....YUM!!! I will not drink the margs. They are SUPER delicious but really pack a caloric punch.

I will update you later. Have a super weekend!


Skitterbox said...

congratulations! this is awesome!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Those compliments are always great motivators, aren't they?

Happy birthday to your husband. Here's a tip I just read about ordering at a Mexican restaurant: Go for the fajitas. Apparently they are the best option. (Too bad it's not the guacamole or the sangria!)

Jodie said...

Great that you are back down. The holidays killed me too...thankfully I didn't gain too much from them! Love fajitas - but I always put guac on them!

Jodie said...

Great that you are back down. The holidays killed me too...thankfully I didn't gain too much from them! Love fajitas - but I always put guac on them!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss this week!

Staying within a 5 lb range over the holidays is great - it's a tough time of year.

Exercise is something I don't think I'll ever stop. I truly love it. Even though my weight has gone up since last summer my workouts have remained consistent, if not more intense.

Looking forward to the p90X review!

Mae Flowers said...

Gotta love those compliments- it really make it worthwhile to hear others say how far you've come.

Happy Birthday to your husband! Have fun!

TJ said...

WHOOHOOOOOO! Congrats LOSER! :) hehe :) Great job! said...

I agree the exercise makes a huge difference, through a 4 month plateau people kept saying it looked like I had lost weight and I ended up going down a clothes size when the plateau ended and I lost 3 pounds, 1 clothes size for 3 pounds???
Staying within 5 pounds for the holidays is huge and maintaining exercise during the holidays even bigger, most people fall off that wagon just as fast with holiday stresses etc. Congrats on the loss and way to stick with it.

BEE said...


happy bday to your husband

my hubbys b day is coming up soon and we are going to the olive garden so i have been extra good so i can have that cheat day lol

Anonymous said...

Whoohoo!! Good for you :)

Hadley said...

Woot! Congratulations on being down under 175. That's fabulous!

Happy birthday to your hubby and enjoy the mexican!

Nicole said...

Hi, I just found your blog and love it. Is that really the same person (before & after). WOW Great job on your weight loss. You totally look so different.
I have the P90X and am thinking about doing the exercise program in a few weeks. It looks scary tho. lol..Can't wait to see your review on it.
Happy Birthday to your hubby and have a great dinner together!! I will be following you!! I love you in your beautiful black dress.