Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Weigh-In

First I must say WELCOME NEW BLOGGERS AND FOLLOWERS!!! I am so excited to follow you on your journeys while continuing on my own. I am no expert, in fact at times I feel like a lost sheep but I am muddling through. Feel free to ask any questions. I give very honest answers (so be careful what you ask - I may give you TMI). You can comment or email me. Hopefully this will be a great weight loss/fitness year for all of us!!

That said, did you see my ticker? My little runner is now running backwards. What a bitch! Well, it is not pretty at all. 5.2 pound gain. I am at 180. This is not all an actual gain. It is pretty impossible. But sometimes my damn body doesn't want to listen to the whole calorie deficit, I should lose pounds argument. Oh well. Nothing I can do about that but keep plugging away. From the farm (in-laws) my weight was up 2.2 pounds. I exercised the whole time and ate over on calories but not too bad and healthy crap. My folks were here for like a week and my weight went up another 2 pounds. This was a little more deserved as we ate out a wee bit but I did exercise a shit ton (but it was my week off of weight training). And the last bonus pound is courtesy of my current lady troubles. Lucky me.

Yet I continue to bust ass in the gym. And you know what? All my new size 10 stuff still fits fine. I do not feel any fatter. In fact, lately I am feeling super fit. I just love how I feel. So I will ignore the scale reading this week and focus on my new jeans which I will wear to work today after I do some body attack! Opps....I am about to be late. I cannot have that. I want a good spot in class.

Tomorrow it is back to WW. I think I am up a pound since last week so that will be fun. I may switch to counting points (pain in the ass) just to see if that changes anything for me.

Hope you all have a super weekend. Stay tuned for my first recipe on Sunday (even though I have not picked it yet). I am very excited about it anyway. Toodles!!


Melissa said...

Good for you for not letting the number dictate your response!

I do that too often and it makes me so mad that I "gained weight" even though sometimes that just isn't the case.

christinaleigh said...

You know there are so many reasons for weight to fluctuate! After eating differently, it could just be water retention (not to mention that time of month).

I count points....just seems easier to me. Funny how we are all different!

Anonymous said... happens. One of my biggest pitfalls in the past was my wanting the process to be perfect. I've come to realize weight loss is not this blissful downward slide of the scale all the time....unfortunately! Have a great weekend :)

F. McButter Pants said...

Oh poo on those pounds. You feel great, you look great! What's not to love about that. Can't wait for the recipe.

BEE said...

around the holidays are always hard

dont let it get to you AT ALL and you got lady stuff goin on

dont worry it will come back off in no time

as long as you dont stress it will be gone before you know it

it happened to me too over the lodays i gained 12 pounds and have lost 7 pretty quickly

i feel somewhat back to normal and you will too before you know it
and you didnt gain a size or anything so thats great i had gained a size lol it was not a good sight lol


Amanda said...

You have a kick ass attitude. I love it ;-)

Jenn said...

I'm glad you're not letting the scale get to you, because it doesn't tell the whole story, does it?
Have a great weekend!

TJ said...

You are doing great. I think once we have reached a level of our journey when we GET IT we know that we can do this! Can't wait to see what meal you whip up! :) Have a great weekend!

Bowmanh23 said...

I have to my very first weigh in with my monthly visitor. That is so frustrating because the scale won't show accurately what I have been doing. Argh!

JewliaGoulia said...

You've got a great attitude! With your continued effort, those pounds will be flying off in no time!

I'll be tuning in for your recipe. *yummy*


Julie Vollnogle said...

Whatever, your blog is still an inspiration to me! I know how easy it is to obsess over the scale. I'm sure there could be a lot of factors contributing to the weight gain...if you've been working out extra hard, you could have built up more muscle. It could also be that time of the month, or maybe you ate something salty. Who knows..but if you look and feel great that is all that matters!

Alison said...

I wish it was as simple as calories in calories out but as women forget it!
I use a bodybugg and count calories as well as points and there are weeks I "should" lose that I don't and then the next week I shouldn't or should lose a very small amount and I drop a ton.
Your litle runner will move forward again, its just a bad time of the year and you are right there is no way its all "real" weight. I understand the frustration, and I'm impressed with the level headedness :) Next week will be better and as long as you know you are doing the right things that's all that matters in the end.

The Road Curves Ahead said...

You feel fit and you look great! I love that you aren't letting a number get to you.

Way to go

Tricia said...

I'm loving your positive attitude :)

Mae Flowers said...

I'm excited to see your recipe! I always love to get new ideas for healthy recipes from other bloggers. You'll have those pounds off in no time- no worries, but probably lots of sweat!

aimeeinak said...

I'm happy to have found your blog, I'm enjoying it! Your ticker will be running forward again before you know it. It's great that you're feeling so fit.

Matt said...

I have followed the WW plan in the past and it works well, but I know what you mean about the points counting being a pain. Are you familiar with WW's "core" program where you temporarily only eat certain foods but don't count points to "jump start" your body into losing weight when you've hit a wall? Just a thought.

Looks like you've made an amazing transformation overall though, and I'm gonna start following your blog. You can find me at:

Anonymous said...

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Matt said...

Hi, hadn't heard much out of you in the past few days, everything going OK?

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