Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So tired....

I am still here. Just super busy. Actually eating much better the past 4 days. Exercising like a mad woman. I joined a new gym. It had the classes I wanted. It has dudes....lots of dudes. The place is huge. I went to a 5:30 body attack class this morning. On the way out, I caught someone checking out my ass. So weird. That has never happened before. I guess that is a good thing because before now I belonged to the lady gym. Although it is a compliment for anyone to check out your ass, no matter who it is.
The pic is me (dark hair) and best bud and the two cutest, sweetest, lovable girls ever. Best bud made some awesome babies. We went to a Xmas party for her mom's group. It was fun dancing and playing with them. Until.....Santa showed up. One of the girls is not a fan. She is actually scared to death of him. The tears filled her eyes and she said "go...go....GO!!"" and ran to the door crying and shaking. It was cute (and a little funny). I am sure someday her opinion will change.
Speaking of Santa, I spent 3 days coloring a ginormous Santa that a dad of a former student (remember I am a 1st grade teacher) drew for me. I did not ask him to. It was a gift to me. Super nice. AMAZING artist. I am not an amazing colorer. The time it took me to color, I would have rather been blogging. However, I think I have the cutest bulletin board in the school. I surrounded Santa with letters that my kids wrote to him. Some are pretty hilarious. One student wanted to know if it was okay to ask him if he was fat. I had a conversation with my class about not saying things like that to or about people. Every year kids ask if Santa is real but this was a new one. He did tell Santa he just wanted to hug him. So precious (most of the time).
I have been working out everyday and the kids and I are studying Christmas around the world. It is exhausting. But they are having a ball! I know they have never experienced this before and never will again. I go all out. I hope someone does this for my children some day. Tomorrow is Hanukkah and we will be playing the dreidel game and making latkes. I hope I have enough energy left for kick boxing.
Sorry for being behind on blogs. Just know that I am still sticking with it. I am trying to kick some ass on this 3 pound gain. I have actually stayed off the scale since Friday. I am proud of me. The lady troubles linger on so I am not sure this week will show any different but all these new classes have made my calves sore. I may actually soak in the tub before bed. I will probably be in bed by 8. So sad. So tired.
Hope all is well for you friends. Keep on it! We can make it through this damn food season.
By the way.....did you watch Biggest Loser? HOLY CRAP!!! I was shouting "no way!!" when I saw Tracy and Rebecca. Those are some of the craziest transformations yet. We will get there too. And Danny, the winner? How hot was he? Looking like Mel Gibson, only sane. Pure inspiration and cannot wait til the new season begins in a few weeks!


Johanna Simpson Baker said...

What a great picture! You should send it to your best friend...

cmoursler said...

looking like mel gibson only sane...omg...lmao....
I don't get biggest loser. I have like 24 tv channels and they are all nick jr., news and religious channels...we like it that way lol.
The Christmas around the world thing sounds really cute.
You sound like an engaged and involved teacher.
oh, and you could always homeschool...just a thought.
Have a great night.

TJ said...

uumm congrats on getting your ass checked out at the gym, I think. lol :)

BL was great- I was shocked at Tracey and Rebecca. wow and Happy that Danny won. He looked great. I did see under...oh poop whats the other guys name..under his tank top he had on a body shaper I guess to tuck in all the lose skin. My mom saw Danny on some talk show and she asked me what happened to his boobies- if he had to get surgery. He had some big breasts! lol

Brigid said...

I think it's great what you are doing here on this blog! I stumble over here and read your blog from time to time, as it is linked to a friend's weight loss blog. Keep up the good work!

Just one question: What do you tell the first graders when they ask if Santa is real? I have no children yet but I wonder what I will say when this comes up someday? Thanks for blogging- I love to read your posts!