Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am posting quickly to tell you there will be no weigh-in tomorrow. I cannot really get to the scale. Tomorrow is the day we get new carpet and there is so much crap shoved in the bathrooms, there is not enough room to use the scale.

Maybe Saturday. Eating was like a free-for-all yesterday. Mostly involving margaritas and a piece of cake (and perhaps some queso too). Major sodium intake and water retention. Still working my ass off (trying to literally) in the gym.

I am officially done trying to lose weight for the season. Now I am trying to minimize gains as the big food, slow moving holiday season is upon me.

No workouts have been missed. Not even with the drinking and helping my husband move crap for my new carpet. I still plan on my 5:30am class tomorrow as well. I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over.

The kids are CRAZY!! For those who do not know, I teach 1st grade. I have no children of my own - yet (don't worry best bud...I will be soon enough). Today (after the holiday party) my kids went to art. When I picked them up, 4 out of 21 had been written up (for being in trouble). I am not kidding you when I say that one of them got in trouble (and this is one of the perfect identical twins I have) for eating another student's art work.

Yes. I said eating. Come on now, didn't I just feed them? One of the other students got in trouble for telling him to do it. Man, that was a fun one to call and explain to parents. I am ready for the break. I have earned it.

I hope you all had a great week and keep those calories burning!


What a Splurge said...

Wow! Eating artwork! I'd rather eat a cookie but that's just me.

Sounds like you really deserve your Christmas break. I commend you for keeping up the exercise!

Monica said...

Wow, I hope the kid who ate the artwork doesnt develop some kind of strange eating disorder when they get older!

MMMM, cake!

Lori Lynn said...

Yay for you for getting your workout in!
I understand completely about the kids! These days before breaks are so unbelievably hard, especially for the teachers! Tomorrow our school is going caroling on trailers and hay bales around town. Going to be rather chaotic! I'll be glad when tomorrow's over. :-)

cmoursler said...

just hold on the the new
It will come, it will come....

Miz said...

and you know me :)
as long as you are focused and on track---WHICH YOU ARE---I think it's a good thing to skip weigh ins every now and then.

slip on a pair of jean which you "know" should fit right now and call it a day.

have a great weekend.


JewliaGoulia said...

Congrats for staying pretty focused and realistic!

OMG, my mom is a public school teacher and she has had her share of outrageous write-up moments with her students. . . believe me! Working with kids, especially young ones, all day is a work out in itself.

Good luck to you in the coming days/weeks, and happy holidays!


The Road Curves Ahead said...

Ate artwork? LOL! The joys of working with children.

KC said...

I guess if it is ok to create art of food then it must be ok to make art into food? hahahahaha