Sunday, November 1, 2009

I falter....okay I fall flat on my face

Well friends, I am currently picking myself back up.

Friday night was going to be my cheat meal. And it was - mmmm, french fries. But since I never ate ice cream, I thought I would eat some candy on Saturday.

So after working out for hours and eating a healthy subway lunch, I ate a piece of Halloween candy from the bowl. And another, and another, and....well let's just say it tasted REALLY good and I had entire pile of wrappers in front of me after about 15 minutes. I consumed more candy in 15 minutes than I have in the past year (granted, I was not a big candy eater previously). And it doesn't end there.

Later on, I snacked on more candy at best bud's house and then went out and got us nachos for dinner (hello cheat meal #2 which is not in my plan). Which best bud offered to cook us a healthy dinner but I must have just been in binge mode. But wait, there's more. We later went out and got ice cream.

I am aware that I consumed far too many calories. Most of them empty and filled with sugar. I decided to step on the scale. Up 3 pounds. For that to be an actual gain I would have had to consume an additional 11,100 calories. I don't think the damage was quite that bad. However it was like a cold hand smacking me in the face.

So I bagged up what was left of the candy and threw it in the back of a cupboard (I think my husband would have freaked if I had thrown it in the trash). I ate some oatmeal and will be walking the dogs and heading to the gym shortly.

This is why I don't allow myself little bits of things I really like. It tastes so good, I cannot stop. Moderation is a word I need to learn. I also feel I maybe coming up on my lovely lady 21 day cycle because when it is, I can eat and eat and eat and never get full. Damn hormones!

Normally I can have candy in the house at any time. I am not someone tempted to eat these things. Food does not call my name from another room. I do not go looking through cabinets to see what "looks" good. If I did that, I could find a lot of stuff that looks good. But this weekend I really did a number on myself. Fell flat on my face.

Oh well. Lots of water. Healthy eating. Exercise. Back to my way of life. Next weekend is the Mud Run. I maybe in trouble. I do not a fatter ass to try and haul over a wall.

Hope you all did better than I did. May your scale be kind.


TJ said...

I think we all know that you will not let this ruin your weight loss journey for the rest of the year. You admitted what you did, added up the damage and moved forward like a real champ would! :)

kaitlin said...

Yeah, this weekend was rough. But you are right, it's a new day, and even a new month! Moving on time.

For NaNoWriMo, the prize is mostly just knowing that you won. You can print off a winner's certificate. Also, some of the sponsors donate things, like CreateSpace will give you a code for their website, and you can get a free copy of the book you wrote. And this year, Scivener (a word processing application for writers) is giving free samples until December 7th, and then if you want to buy it, you can get it half off if you win. Stuff like that. But that is pretty cool stuff, if you ask me!

Deb said...

You're back on the horse and that's what matters. Good luck in the Mud Run next week!

S. said...

I'm right there with you, candy hangover and all. :-)

SunflowerDaisies said...

I relate to that oh so well! I have to learn moderation, and when I start, have a hard time stopping. I've been having a hard time with that, with my hormones too, and I don't really have any great words of wisdom, but I wish that I did!! I'm just trying to just pick myself up, and move on, and try not to have guilt about it. (The key word here being "try" lol) Hope you have a good rest of the day! :-)

Melissa said...

I can definitely relate (although I wish I couldn't). I did well this weekend... because I intentionally did not eat any candy (for me, if I eat one I will want to eat 100...).

Just today, my husband said, "try a bite of this cookie" and I had to decline and tell him that if I ate that bite I would want the rest of that cookie as well as 5 (or 10 or 15) more... sad, but true.

Good for you for being able to look forward and not be too consumed by your little slip.

That stuff happens (unfortunately), and to be able to make it only that day is a very good thing (because oftentimes one day for me turns into a few bad days)...

Anywho... good luck! And may your scale be kind to you as well!!!

Mae Flowers said...

Sorry about your slip up. :( But this story sounds just about the same as mine! It was good to hear how you've got a plan and you're not beating yourself up about it.

Mae Flowers said...

Sorry about your slip up. :( But this story sounds just about the same as mine! It was good to hear how you've got a plan and you're not beating yourself up about it.

wildfluffysheep said...

lessons to be learned.
i can never just have a little. good to know i am not alone. but we both know you can rock this shit and don't need an ass whooping for breaking from the norm.

i know how good you are with your exercise and stuff so don't hold it against yourself too long.

pick yourself up and dust yourself off. <3

Amelia said...

Well, I can certainly relate to this! It sounds a lot like my day.. I don't know why I can't seem to eat "just one," like many other people I know seem to be able to!

Thank you for your honesty.. I'm going to start over again, and I know you will too. It's hard, but there will be many better days ahead. In my case, I just hope that there will be enough of them in a row to create some actual results! I am sick of gaining and losing the same weight over and over and over... bleh!

big_mummy said...

you know i am right here with you, but it doesnt define us. move on xx

TJ said...

I always try to respond back to you over email but I can't! I will look for some trail mix ideas today for ya. I love that dried mango too! YUM!

email me!!


Anonymous said...

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