Friday, November 20, 2009


Happy Friday all! Today was my Friday weigh-in. I saw 176.8 on the scale. Woohoo for this week. I hit it hard all the time but this week the number actually moved. Maybe changing things up a bit does help. So for 1 week with P90X and 3 other cardio changes it yielded a 3.6 pound loss. Very nice.

I am trying to make some decisions. I am now 1.8 pounds away from my goal on the ticker (and a normal weight for my height). I know that weight is possible. I am not sure if I can go lower. My body is very muscley (I like to make up my own words). One of my turbo instructors thinks another 10 pounds is possible. So I may change my goal. Don't know yet. I am thinking I will stick with this until the 90 days of P90X are finished and see what my weight is at and call that my goal weight. That would be about Valentines Day. I am not sure I will lose much because we still have Thanksgiving and Christmas to get through.

So I am thinking about all these things and how to switch over to weight maintenance. I have been trying to read up on it but there is not much out there. I am depending on the kindness of advice from those who went before me and the one book I was able to buy on the subject. I am not sure how many calories to add in (do you do it gradually?) or do I stay at this number of calories? How much weight training will I do when this is program is done?

I know I have a lot more questions than answers. It is very confusing and I do not want to screw up anything I have done so far. I mean, we are talking 113 pounds here. So if you have any advice or know of any more books I can read on the subject, please let me know!

Have a super, duper weekend!


Kristina said...

Congrats on the loss this week! And amazing job on the 113 pounds! I wish I could give advise on how to maintain that loss.....but I havent reached that goal as yet! Your doing so fantastic!

F. McButter Pants said...

Your weight loss is just amazing! I am sure you'll get lot's of advice. I have none for you. Maybe, when I get to maintence you'll have it figured out and can give me advice!

Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

I have no advice about maintaining because I never got that far, but you are doing a GREAT job and maybe your trainer can help with that...

Blossom said...

Congratulations on being so close to goal!! I would think you first need to find out how many calories you need to eat to maintain your weight, then gradually add them in (maybe, and extra 100 cals every week or two?). I'm sure someone who has done it will give you better advice!

Seren_Sighs said...

I certainly haven't reached maintenance but I have thought about it some.

You wouldn't stay at this calorie level because you're losing weight at it. Unless you backed off on some of the workouts.

You should ask yourself how many workouts you plan to do a week when you've reached maintenance. Then you can look up a calculator online to find your daily caloric needs. Most should allow you to to tell it your age, height, weight, and how active your lifestyle is. There are several of them online and I'd look up many different ones just to be sure.

Then, if it were me, I would gradually increase my calories. I've heard of someone adding fifty extra calories to their daily diet every week until they hit what was supposed to be their maintenance range. That could take forever but you might not gain weight that way. Since your metabolism might be a little slower because of weight loss you probably don't want to add a bunch of calories right away.

Then I would just keep an eye on the scale and have a five pound wiggle room area. Don't be too freaked out if you gain a pound or two at first because your body will probably start to level off once it realizes it's not being starved.

...ok, that's what I have. Again, that's kinda picking it up from everyone else.


TJ said... are AMAZING! WOW! Great job on the loss this week! You are so inspiring! :)

I have no idea about maintenance...I hope someone is able to help you with more info. :)

FollowMeDown30 said...

Amazing Job girlie!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Congratulations all the way around!!

As far as maintenance goes, what I did was add in a few calories and see what happened. Probably it was only about 200 calories more a day to maintain my weight from the amount I was eating at the end of my journey. It's not much extra food! I was surprised at that. (And I continued with my same exercise.)

Congrats again - I'm so happy for you.

Laura said...

Wow! You're doing so well! I don't know anything about maintaining, not there yet....Keep up the great work!

cmoursler said...

congrats on being so near to your goal...I think your trainer is probably the best person for the job. I think to maintain, you may just need to fiddle a bit with your calories...keep them the same for a week or two, then up them by fifty or one hundred and see if the loss slows or stops...if not give yourself a bit more. It all depends on where you want to be probably. Good luck.

Striving to be the best you can be... said...

Hey You! I had to come by and see what you have been up to lately and I have to say was really pleasantly surprised!! You are really looking fabulous! Your picture says it seem so happy!! I really have been out of the loop reading up on other bloggers lately cause been so busy but so happy that I stopped by to see how you were doing! It really made me happy to see how well you have done and how far you have come! Congrats girl and keep going strong:)

wildfluffysheep said...

Bloody nice loss indeed, missus! woohoo! *jumps up and down on spot*

i think that is a sensible idea to weight til the end of p90x to see if your goal needs to change :)

i am glad you figuring all this stuff out so when i reach goal you'll be the expert advising me ;)

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

Congrats on nearly being at goal!

Maintenance has been on my mind alot lately....What was the name of the book you read about it?