Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mud Run

My muddy pictures are coming some day soon. These pictures were taken last night. I am not sure how well you can see. No, it is not after a domestic dispute. These are my marks from the mud run. Don't pity me. I think they are funny (best bud and my mother don't - husband has net seen them yet). These are earned. Hard earned. Pain is temporary, pride is permanent (at least for me).
My goals were to complete the course, try all the obstacles, not injure myself. Despite the looks of it, I did not injure myself. I completed the course and EVERY obstacle. Thank goodness I had two teammates. I had to do this cargo net thing twice before I got over. Hence the bruises. I got up to the top and was hanging from my arms because I had no upper body strength left. They felt like Jello and there was so much slack in the nets that I could not use my leg strength. Once they pulled the net tight I could do it.
I am amazed. Not only did we do it, but we made good time. I woke up yesterday with such awful lady trouble pains it was hard to stand up in the morning. Thank goodness for pain killers. However, those made me a bit sleepy before the race. I could have actually jogged the whole thing but one teammate was having some troubles so we walked it in spurts. I cannot put into words how fun it was. I LOVED IT!!! I am sore today and bruised but I still loved it. I want to do it again - after I work on getting some more upper body strength.
I could sing while I jogged. I ran in mud up to my knees and was cruising through groups of young, athletic men. I ran up and down really steep hills (quite a few times). I made it up and over pretty high (and scary) obstacles and each time I made it through something, I thought - this is the funnest thing I have ever done. I did this for over 6 miles. Now at 6 miles I finally thought - enough with the hills already and I am hungry. But for the most part I had the time of my life. I literally swam through mud that smelled like sewage and still had the best time.
When it was over, the fire department hosed us off and I tried changing in the parking lot. Let's just say I drove home in a towel and t-shirt (no shoes) and prayed I did not get pulled over. Then when my gas light came on, I just hoped I would make it home. Not really how I want to be seen at a gas station.
I think perhaps I found this experience more enjoyable than others because it lets me appreciate just how far I have come. There were times when I was heavy that it was hard to get up from the floor. I could have never done anything like this. I feel so accomplished. I feel so proud. I do not think I have ever felt so proud. I was not this proud of completing my masters degree. Maybe because this did not come as easy. I need to find more things like this to do. It is a feeling I cannot put into words and I wish everyone could feel this way at least once in their life.
I feel like a warrior. A health and fitness warrior. I can never go back. Things like this prove to me that I am changed forever. I am now looking for my next adventure!


Blossom said...

Nice arms!!

Sara said...

mud run victory pose??? YESSSSSS! (and yeah seriously nice sag-free arms and a jaw line you could cut a steak with- i have been worried only the 24 year olds firm up like that but you're giving me hope, lady! ha)

Johanna Simpson Baker said...

why is the one I sent you of your abused arms so TINY!? You can't even click on it to enlarge it.

Crys said...

Even muddied and bruised, your arms & legs look fabulous! I love that your stats are literally colliding with your goals in your ticker! I LOVE IT!

What a Splurge said...

You are fun! I'd love to be hosed off by the fire department. Great post.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

That is seriously freaking awesome! Your enthusiasm is so inspiring :) You deserve to be proud, and the bruises are just badges of honour :)

kaitlin said...

That sounds wicked fun! Congrats on a great race, may you have many more! =)

big_mummy said...

first thought- nice leg

second thought- are they bruises?

third thought- wish my arms were like that

fourth thought- omg look at those bruises.

fifth thought- ohhhhhh

Between Sizes said...

I read this post after the other one I commented on about feeling like a warrior. It seems we were on the same wave length.
I'm envious of your accomplishment. I can't wait until I'm there one day soon.

wildfluffysheep said...

looking HAWT even with all the bruises!

love it. love your attitude. i am so happy for you. no going back ever. woohoo. if i had the energy i would be jumping round the room like a loon!

just reading about the obstacles is making me tired!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I so want to do the Mud Run. I've come really close inthe past, but weenied out. I wanna do it this year for sure. How fun!