Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Belly Floppin'

Hey all! Just wanted to make a quick, happy, random post. Today in turbo kick boxing, as I was jumping around, I noticed something. My belly flopping. You know what I am talking about - as you try and jump around, the more high impact you do, the more belly flopping you get.

Well, today I noticed my belly hardly flops at all anymore. I am talking a significant reduction in the past 4 weeks. It made me so happy I decided to jump whenever possible so that I could experience no belly flopping. YAHOO!!! What a happy Tuesday. I think I have now become a spokes person for my gym - particularly the classes I take. Everytime someone new joins I always congratulate them on finishing (the first few times are so tough) and when they comment on my jumping around I have to tell them that 100 pounds ago I never jumped at all. In fact I thought the instructor was a total, hyper lunatic doing all that crazy stuff. Now that I can do it, I love to do it. The challenge kept me coming back (and still does) and hopefully they will too.

Also, when I was shopping at home (about 3 weeks ago), I bought my favorite jeans from my new favorite store (thank you Banana Republic) in a smaller size. When I tried them on they sat a little too low on the hips (because my ass was too big) and the button was so stressed it looked like it would take flight and someone might lose an eye. I have been going down in clothing sizes at a decent rate and I did not want to be without these jeans so I bought them.

And I wore them today, perfect fit. No one was even in danger of losing an eye. That means today I wore a smaller size than the picture I posted yesterday. Droopy drawers do not look good. Not even when you try and hold them up with a belt (another new accessory for me).

Another stupid side note - why are all halloween costumes so skanky? It's like an excuse to run around in your underwear. I am having trouble finding a fun costume that is not skanky. Also, the sizes are screwed up. My waist is big and the most of the regular costumes go up to a 30.5 inch waist. Then the plus sizes start at like 38. Hello? Are we missing a HUGE demographic here? Some costumes I thought were cute but might be good if I am ever pregnant at Halloween - I don't want to use them now. What is a girl to do?

May this week find you with less belly for flopping!


cmoursler said...

I can't wait for my belly fat flap to disappear. It's alot smaller than it used to be and doesn't make nearly the noise it used to when I run down the stairs, lol. BTW, you look awesome in that dress...and when you see steve and his wife, whatever the kids look like...look him dead in the eye and say "Thank God those kids take after their mother". Pat him twice on the arm and walk.away.
Love the shoes.
Mini hops in colorado,

Miz said...

we always laugh about how it is SEXY yada yada yada when it comes to halloween.

you wanna be a construction worker? its a SEXY construction worker.

the sad thing is all that is invading kids costumes as well!

Melissa said...

I love the word skanky... my husband says I shouldn't use it around our son though (which I agree... I wouldn't want him to call his teacher skanky... that would be AWKWARD!).

But I agree: most Halloween costumes are skanky!

And yay for you in the decrease in belly-flopping! That is fabulous!

I do BodyFlow at the gym I go to and I really like it... I tried other classes but I don't really enjoy them. BodyFlow though is my cup of tea.

- Melissa

TJ said...

whoo hoo to the lack of belly movement! lol :)

I had to dress up for Halloween a few years in a row at my last job adn I always went to the mens section because I was not going to be a SEXY Pirate, or a SEXY, witch, or a SEXY, nurse. lol Nothing sexy about a fat girl squeezing into a costume here! lol Good luck !!!

What a Splurge said...

What an upbeat post! You must have felt great in those small Banana Republic jeans. Keep jumping!

FollowMeDown30 said...

I never thought about it, but I hate jumping around now. I feel so heavy when I do.

I am going to cut up a sweat shirt, wear leg warmers & side pony tail ala 1980's. I was too young for the trend when it was popular-so I thought it will be fun this year.

big_mummy said...

oh how i long for the day when my belly doesnt flap about! well done great NSV, must be time for new pics

wildfluffysheep said...

lol i loved reading about you jumping round like a mad woman! the word belly flop makes me giggle.

:D keep rockin it girl!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Okay, I've been meaning to post a comment for a while, but I'm an uber procrastinator.


You are going to rock it at the wedding! You look freakin hot in that dress! And congrats on the belly not flopping around anymore! And maybe making your own costume could be an option?

Crys said...

I'll be looking for a picture of these jeans! I can't believe you're so close to goal! I wish I could have just kept going. It feels so far from now.

Now for the Halloween thing. Don't you notice they can slut up any outfit - pumpkin, angel, cat... you name it. Amazing!