Saturday, September 19, 2009

Look Out Shakira!

Today was interesting. It was an "open house" at the gym. That means they screwed up my schedule which pisses me off (I am like a 5 year old like that). Normally I workout for an hour on my own (weights and cardio machines) and then do an hour of turbo kickboxing (Saturdays are my only double workout days, they are also cheat meal days, so it all evens out). However, for open houses they do 30 minute classes back-to-back of a whole lot of stuff (read crap I don't like). I was definitely going to do my 30 minutes of turbo, so I decided I would take another 30 minute class that backed up to it. What did I take? Belly dancing. Oh yes, they are going to add it to the class schedule next month. It was actually kind of fun.

I did learn something. Big weight loss does not equal sexy. I have seen larger people who are sexy, I was not one of them. I try to make my hips move like they do but I look like a tard. I must say I am proud of myself because there were probably 25 to 30 people in there and I just gave it my all (I wanted some calories burned). If I had video, I would share, it was that entertaining. One older lady fell and the whole class stopped - except for me. I kept trying to swivel my hips. I think I looked like I was having a muscle spasm. I did step outside of my box, even if it was for only 30 minutes. By the way, that lady was fine, I just didn't want to embarrass her by drawing more attention to her.

Turbo today - we burned over 400 calories in 34 minutes. Man that class is awesome. Zumba is good and dance like but it seems to be more toning. You move your hips there but it is more abs. Belly dancing is in another class. An exotic one. I am not exotic. I am sarcastic.

Oh and the people sitting in there trying to sell us crap. For real dude, I do not want your powdered meal substitute that probably tastes like my dog's ass but enjoy watching me sweat. And there were trays of subs from a sub shop in the same plaza that smelled so good but I know they were not low calorie. That is like selling girl scout cookies outside of a weight watchers meeting except these were free. I did not partake, I just enjoyed the free smells.

So open house days are crowded (someone ran into me in each class, we were that close together), filled with people selling crap and they try to sabotage your calorie count. It was still fun but I am glad it only happens once a quarter.

Oh yeah, I am diseased. I have my first ever case of ringworm. Please don't think I am dirty (like someone from, I am far from it. I am pretty sure I got it at school somehow. It does not itch or bother me, however it is located on the inside of my elbow which is not a great place to put a bandage, especially when it rips out your arm hair. The medicine says to apply for 4 weeks. I am supposed to keep it covered. I no longer own any long sleeved shirts (except my nice new sweaters and I do not want to chance getting any fungus on them). Tomorrow I will be shopping again.

Hope your weekend is well. Maybe you should shake it Shakira style.


The Road Curves Ahead said...

Wow! Talk about adding insult to injury, mess with your gym schedule and then bring in treats too. Is this some kind of marking ploy... keep them eating so they have to keep coming to the gym?

Karen said...

Belly dancing sounds like fun, I wish my gym had it! I am a total (uncoordinated) klutz that usually stays away from group classes (except spin and kettlebells!) but I think I would try belly dancing if the opportunity arose!

Great job putting yourself out of your comfort zone and avoiding the calorie mess that your gym offered!

Deb said...

Did you ever watch the Bernie Mac Show? He did an episode where he was supposed to be going on a trip and his kids were sick so he was avoiding them to keep from getting himself. I remember him calling them "germy little nasty little kids." It cracked me up then and your getting ringworm made me remember it. You must agree with his sentiment. ;-)

TJ said...

You dirty girl you! lol ewwww

Im actually so proud of you for being brave and taking classes and stuff! Im so the coward...I dont even want to take a swim class with old arthritic people that Im suppose to go do for physical therapy! lol I get so nervous in front of other people! lol Good job on shakin your hips!! :)

Diane, Fit tot he Finish said...

Good for you on doing the classes! I wouldn't like it to be that crowded either - and the free food and stuff? That's just wrong!!

I can't dance - never could. So I stick to running/walking/biking. Things were I don't look totally awful doing!!

big_mummy said...

ewwww ringworm lol. grossness. i got that once, caught from my friends extra cute kitty. not so cute after that lol.

i would love to do belly dancing but i have no rhythm so im pretty sure i would suck

FollowMeDown30 said...

Belly dancing is fun-but I don't really feel "worked out" after. My girlfriend and I took a class about 5 years ago then choreographed a dance to Kelis's Milkshake. We gave some lessons at a little bar we bar tended at, it was pretty fun & cute. (I for sure am no pro though!)

I heard you can take a bleach bath for ringworm as well. But then if you have it in one spot, why soak your whole body? Ah well-good luck with it. Kids sure are germy little people.

Miz said...

Belly Dancing is still on my I WANNA list...although being one who totally lacks in the coordination department Im thinking I need to start a home with a DVD.

F. McButter Pants said...

I wanted to thank you so much for the comment you made on my blog over the weekend.

"Power is great, especially when you give it to yourself". No finer words were written!

Tahnk You!

Anonymous said...

Does your gym offer the strip tease class too? I've heard it has benefits! I mean in weight loss lol

Lisa eats too much pizza said...

Classes sound fun!!!!

Jenn said...

OMG this post was funny! I wish my gym offered so many fun classes - well, they do, but the times are not good for me.
Sorry about the ringworm, yikes!

Crys said...

Will be totally expecting pictures of the belly dancing class!!