Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bitch Fest

I love photos on your blogs so I thought I would share some more with you. The first picture is me in December 2007 but it looks more like the Stay Puffed Marshmallowman. The second picture is form the end of July 2009. I know it is not a true comparison shot but it does have one of the cutest girls (and one of my FAVORITE people on the planet) in it. I do not have children. She belongs to best bud and is one of my god daughters. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to have a kid this sweet and cute (my other god daughter is quite a prize too). Love them!!!
Today I realized something. I weigh 55 pounds less than the day I got married. So, I tried on the dress again. What a tent! Can I get a do over? My wedding was a blast but I would make a much prettier bride now. I also realized that I am the same weight as when I moved here 9 years ago. The difference is the last time I was 194, I was a size 16. This time I am a size 12. Man, what a difference exercise makes.
I am having fun posting hideous pics of myself. I will search my files and see if I can find more to post for entertainment purposes (mine and yours). Best bud probably has a ton. I know for sure there are some bathing suit photos that would make you (and me) cringe.
Okay on to my bitch fest! I am (for the most part) a law abiding, upstanding citizen. Back on August 14th, after a long day of teaching 1st graders, I left work and headed to the gym. I got a little excited at the end of the street and gunned it from a stop sign. It may (or may not have) been slightly less than a complete stop. Of course, a cop follows me, pulls me over and tickets me. I say nothing to try and get out of it because (a) I am pissed that I will now be late for my workout and may say something sarcastic to get me in more trouble and (b) how much can this ticket actually be? $60? I also think I may have been pulled over due to my race. Enough said.
You have 30 days to pay the ticket or fight it. So I began to think the other day, man I should find out how much that is and see what I need to do to fight it. How much? $235!!! Stupid asshats!! Do they have any idea how many books I could have bought for my poor kids in my classroom with that money all because I was a little excited to get to the gym? To fight it, I would have to take off work (which would cost money), make sub plans (HUGE pain in the ass) and if you lose, you have to pay for the ticket and court costs.
Seriously? Can't the popo find real crimes to solve? So now I am just pissed and waiting til the last minute to pay it.
Alright. I feel better. If you are a police officer, sorry some asshats are giving your profession a bad name. Ta-ta for now.


Deb said...

You look really pretty in this picture.

Size 16 vs 12 at the same weight? Yay exercise!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I'm a police officer and you upset me so much that I almost couldn't finish my donut.

*fitcetera* said...

lol @ you having fun posting hideous pics of yourself.
if i'm in a good mood, I do too.
not so much when I'm whining though.

crap about the ticket though.

Tricia said...

Dude, those tickets are ridiculous. I had to pay $290 because I had one taillight out that I couldn't get fixed in time because the part wasn't available. I wanna tell you to fight it, but at the same time, I understand it's a giant inconvenience. Here in Vegas they have a few lawyers that you can pay 75 bucks and they'll go to court for you and get your ticket reduced. My $355 speeding ticket only ended up being $50 thanks to that. Maybe you should see if they have something similar where you are.

Worth a shot anyway, you know?

Monica said...

Dang, 194/sz 12?! That answers soooo many questions.

Thats a helluva lotuv money! I agree with Tricia, look into something like that :)

athinnerkatie said...

Sorry about your ticket.

I can't believe I have another Spartan fan, I graduated in 2001. I am from Michigan as well Grand Rapids to be exact, but most of the michigan pictures are of my parents cottage in Ludington.

Aimee said...

i bet you were a gorgeous bride! i wanna see pics of that, too. :)

194 and size 12 pretty much rocks. total motivation to keep up the exercise.

hpe your class is going well so far!!!

Shelley said...

You look so happy in the second picture - I'm like you, I love to see other blogger's pictures!

Sorry about the ticket...that really sucks.

Melissa said...

I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say that the difference in the pictures is amazing!!

HopeFool said...

194 and a size 12? (Jaw hits floor) How tall are you?! Amazing.

Irene said...

You look amazing and you have come along way!!

2Bmeagain said...

WOW! The benefits of exercise and hard work. It is amazing how far you have come. You look so happy!

Sorry about the ticket.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Holy crap, $235 for "not coming to a complete stop"? That's some bs right there. I'm sorry you can't practically fight it. Asshats is right!

I love seeing photos on blogs as well. Thanks for sharing them :)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You look absolutely wonderful!!

Thank you for posting it, and the ticket - you have my sympathies!

Christa said...

Yikes!! That is alot of money for that!!

You look great!! I love before and after pictures..they are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

TJ said...

I love before pics- you and I were both stay puffed marshmallow girls! wow- you look GREAT!! :)

The Road Curves Ahead said...

I love before and after pics... your pics are an inspiration. Good job!