Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who loves shoes? I do!!

Dude, I got my new workout shoes. I ordered them online on Thursday and they were delivered on Saturday! Oh yeah...

Did I tell you I got new shoes to wear to work this year? Why you ask? Well, best bud told me the other day that I wear Jesus sandals. Then she told me all my other shoes are totally ugly. Sidenote - she has great taste in shoes and owns LOTS of them. Just so we are clear, in all the years I have known her (at least 6) she has never said this to me until recently. I take no offense (like I told you, it is like I have no feelings). My shoes should I say this? Practical. I did not like to pay more than $40 per pair, I always boughtem at Khols and they were comfortable (do not read totally ugly put there was room for improvement for sure).

I did have to tell her in my defense, I am a teacher on my feet all day (which she was too until this year) and I weighed almost 300 pounds. I needed comfort and stability.

Well I looked at her shoes (too small for me, darn it!) and then started looking online. I found two great looking pairs - one black, one brown. I was nervous to buy them - they had 3 inch heels. At 5'10 I rarely wear anything with a heel.....until now.

They came and when I put them on, I felt great!! I felt so powerful and feminine. They were even comfortable. I also went to DSW and bought some ballet flats. Once I had all my new shoes I took them to best bud's house and had a shoe parade (she told me she now has to approve all shoe purchases - like my own little Stacy and Clinton form What Not to Wear). She could not believe how I looked like a different person with these shoes on. She loved them all (as do least so far). We even took pictures and sent them to my mom. She loved them all too. So this year I will be an even taller teacher I guess.

Just as a random husband and I went to the movies today (very rare for us). We saw the FUNNIEST movie!! We saw The Hangover. I know we are probably like the last people to see it, but if you have not seen it and like comedies, I highly recommend it.

I am in training this week so I can only workout once a day. Hopefully I will learn something great to share with the children. And perhaps we can all lose some weight! I went to parties and hung out with best bud all weekend and did not eat one thing I was not supposed to. Oh and my cheat meal on Thursday was great....I even had an alcoholic beverage. So good once it touches the lips.....but I only had one. Good luck this week!!


S. said...

Ooh, I love shoes too! I'm trying my hardest to hold back buying any until I've lost a little more weight...just in case it all comes off my feet, I guess. :-) You should post photos of your new shoes so that I can live vicariously through you!

Kimberly said...

I love shoes too! Now, before I started losing all the weight, I would buy 2 pairs of loafer-type shoe per year (one black/one brown) and wear them into the ground.

My boss got me hooked on eBay. Now I have over 20 pairs of designer shoes (all heels no less) that I got for a steal. It makes me laugh to look at them all.

Shelley said...

New shoes are so much fun! Glad you are branching out - I've been trying to do so as well. And wouldn't you absolutely LOVE to meet Stacy and Clinton in person?!? I wish someone would nominate me for their makeover!

Hallie said...

I could never order workout shoes online. How did you know which ones to buy?

Aimee said...

hahahaha, i love when friends are brutally honest - especially when ya need them to be!

wildfluffysheep said...

*high fives* to new workout shoes. all shoes.. i like practical shoes lol

omg how funny was the hangover please?