Friday, August 14, 2009

No More Fat Camp.....

This week has been super stressful and busy!! I guess I was expecting it but man, taking over my own diet and workout routines on top of that was a LOT more stress and work. I increased my calories (to something I can actually live with) and exercised less (only because I had to) and ate out 3 times (unheard for me). However, I did not gain and for that I am happy. Actually lost 1 pound so for that I am grateful.

Today the last camp fire will be extinguished at fat camp. I am proud that I worked so hard. It was a total of about 71 days and here are the results - I had losses in all areas:
  1. Neck - 0.5 inch
  2. Chest - 4 inches (and there was not much to begin with)
  3. Arms - 1.25 inches
  4. Forearm - 1 inch
  5. Waist - 5 inches
  6. Hips - 3.5 inches
  7. Thigh - 2.7 inches
  8. Calf - 1.5 inches
  9. Pounds Lost - 20.5
  10. Body Fat - 10.05% (this is as of 7/14/09, I was not able to take that again)
  11. Shoes - another pair lost to wear and tear

Overall, I would say it was a success. I leave this venture behind with my head held high (and my ass a little smaller).

I hope you all had a great week and enjoy your weekend!


Aimee said...

wow! 5 more inches off that skinny waist? you are so awesome!!!!

are you excited for school to start back up?

jo said...

Holy Toledo! I'd say that's a huge success!!! 5 inches off the waist?? Wowzer! Wow--SOOOO impressive! Congrats!

TJ said...

Great job! Id say that Fat Camp was a HUGE success! :) Enjoy your weekend!

S. said...

Wow, what a successful project! Congratulations on the great losses. Do you think you'll miss it now that it's done?

Shelley said...

You are an inspiration with all that you've accomplished this summer - love your Fat Camp concept - congratulations on losing over 20 pounds and all those inches!!!

Your first day of school picture is going to be so cute!

wildfluffysheep said...

awww bye bye fat camp *sad face*

frickin' awesome results missus!

*jealous* but i know you worked bloody hard. so proud of you! i am going to make you a fat camp graduation certificate.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I'd say it was a resounding success! Wonderful, wonderful job.

F. McButter Pants said...

You should be very proud of this accomplishment!

Awesome, inspiring job!

Hadley said...

Amazing! Such good results and so well deserved. You worked so hard for them.

Fat camp was clearly a genius idea. Way to go!

HD@Losing Weight-Healthy Heart said...

Holy fat camp! What great results - and what a great way to kick-off the new year!

Mae Flowers said...

Wow! You did absolutely amazing! Way to go! :) Best of luck as you return back to your classroom.

2Bmeagain said...

WOW!!!! What FANTASTIC results! It looks you spent your summer off the right way. Congratulations and have a GREAT start to the school year!

Lisa said...

You have done a GREAT job!!!

Jenn said...

Holy Cannoli, look at those measurements!!! I'd say you rocked that fat camp!

Crys said...

You should definitely hang a "Mission Accomplished" banner outside your house! Sounds like you kicked some Fat Camp Ass. The inches are amazing!!!