Sunday, July 26, 2009

Progress is being made, it cannot be denied

Last week was when best bud lent me a bunch of her clothes. There was a really cute pencil skirt that I could not get zipped. It was a size 12. I took that as a goal skirt.

As we all know from my bitching, my scale weight did not go down this week. Also, I am a bloaty piece of work. However, I decided yesterday I wanted to try that skirt on again to see how far off I am. I got it all the way zipped! It is tight, but it zipped. One week later. So that tells me all my working out did pay off. When I took it off I looked at the tag. It is from Banana Republic. I always wanted to wear clothes from there. When I tried them in my younger days, they did not fit. When I get to my goal, I know where I am going to do some shopping!

Today I went to Marshalls and tried on TONS of clothes to see what would fit. Lots fit but I only let myself buy one dress. I desperately need pants (especially seeing how my shorts completely fell off in the dressing room) but I will wait until the week school starts.

I am absolutely AMAZED at what exercise has done to my body. I would have never believed it could look this different even a few months ago. My trainer says that diet is more important than exercise. For me, I think it is the other way around. I am still eating the same things I ate when I got fat. I do not eat bad things, I just eat it more sensibly now (a.k.a. counting calories).

If you are stuck or need a boost, I am telling you, adding or changing your exercise can make a HUGE difference!! Let's just hope (for my sanity) that someday it will reflect on the scale as well. I think I like the number on the scale because 200 pounds is 200 pounds, but a size 12 in one store maybe a size 14 in another store. My trainer is all about sizes, I am all about the scale. What do you like to go by? Just curious.


Deb said...

Banana Republic is one of the stores I look forward to shopping in one day. I so want to wear dresses and skirts again. In fact, at goal I may never wear pants again! ;-)

Shelley said...

I completely agree with you about the exercise and what it does for your body shape! Although I keep an eye on the scale, I really go by size and how I look in clothes. Funny, my husband wants to take me on a shopping spree to Banana Republic - I've never owned anything from them...I keep putting him off, as I don't want to buy stuff that I will undergrow soon.

Isn't it FUN to try on clothes and have most of it fit?!? And then have the option of not buying something just because it fit? I love it - glad you are getting to experience it as well!

jo said...

Great testimony for the benefits of exercise!

I go by the scale, mostly, because sizes vary so much. Yet it's fun to fit into a new size.

Congrats on getting that skirt zipped up! And I'm really glad those shorts fell off in the dressing room, not out on the floor of the store. lol

Monica said...

Sizes do vary! Why didnt I ever think of that?

In that case, I will go by the scale!

Im so happy youre doing so well! Keep it up and post some pics of you in your new clothes!! :) I need some new motivation!

Sara said...

thank you for specifically posting how exercise affects your shape and your health- it is clear in your pics as well as the 'numbers' on the clothing tags. the fat camp workouts WORK. end of story.

TJ said...

Your doing SO well! Congrats to zippin up that skirt! yipeee! Sizes vary so much! I had to buy all new summer clothes- right now Im 12's in some stores 10's (HOLY COW) in others. I do like to know what size I am but that # on the scale is my true measure.

:) keep up the great work!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Great job! You must have been so excited on so many different levels. Keep up the good work!

She-Fit said...

I really do believe that exercise is key to weight loss. So happy that you are in that groove and losing weight. Keep up the great work!
As for me, I would like to say size matters but when the scale starts to go up I freak out... so I choose both :)

Jenn said...

Wow, that is so great! Just think what another couple of weeks will do!
I think exercise tones up your muscles, so it definitely helps with size. I go by the scale to measure my progress, just cause every store's sizing is different, you know?

Anonymous said...

WTG You rock! We want pictures of the new clothes when you get them!

wildfluffysheep said...

lol @ bloaty piece of work. sorry *hugs*

*high fives* to getting it zipped. awesome, missus. woot. i cant wait to be able to shop in all the places ive never been able too.

woot on the body changes! thanks for the advice. its taken three weeks for my positive scale number but my body has changed way more dramatically than that number. I have to learn to be patient. Im learning to accept the body changes than the scale woot.