Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday's Weigh In

Well I have made my official home weigh-in day Fridays. Yes, I have 2 weigh-in days. I have no choice but to have the weight watchers weigh in, which is fine. However, I began my weight loss journey on July 15th 2008. I started by working out and cutting back a little on food. I did not join weight watchers until October 26th 2008. So I try not to count my weight watcher weigh-ins too much.

That said, after my "lady troubles" and crappy eating (one dangerous meal with lots of french fries and sodium-YUM) last week my weight was WAY UP. To be honest, I ate bad Friday night, ate well and worked out on Saturday, stepped on the scale Sunday morning to see 254.5. Now that pissed me off. That meant I was up 6 pounds in a week. I was praying at least some was water weight. So all week I ate well, drank lots of water, did my workouts (4 trainer sessions this week).

The result? Yesterday's weigh-in was 246.5. That is down 8 pounds since Sunday and a grand total of 42 pounds since July. I am happy now. I feel like I can finally get back to normal. I feel like I lost a month of work somehow from all this and that sucks. I will not travel so much next year.

My trainer said my new goal is to be a size 10 by May. I laughed loudly at this. I had to tell him that I came out of the womb a size 12 and have never been a 10. He thinks it is possible. I question his sanity. I did make other goals he set that I thought were impossible, so who knows.

My goal? I seriously would like to be able to wear pants without having what looks like a butt in the front and be able to tuck in a shirt. Oohhh, and wear a belt. I also have a spectacular swimming pool in my backyard that I designed and spent all summer in last year so I guess looking better in bathing suits would be nice too. Not so much for me, as for all my guests. Perhaps I could get a swimsuit without a skirt attached to it. It's been a good four years since that has happened I believe.

I wonder what you all have as ultimate goals? Dress sizes? Numbers on the scale? Feeling good inside? Running a marathon (why do so many people who lose weight do this?)? I hope you meet your goals, whatever they are.


Losing Waist! said...

You sure did kick some major ass! Wow. How encouraging for you!

I have a thousand goals but the one that creeps up as a day of infamy is:


I hate Lane Bryant (and the group that owns them, Charming Shoppers). I hate Catherines and Fashion Bug who are also owned by the same company. I could write a five page essay right here about my feeling towards Lane Bryant but I won't.

I will tell you that I can't wait to go to the mall and have so many stores to shop in that I have to pick and choose. Right now the mall is a chore because there is usually a trip into Lane Bryant and MAYBE one other plus sized store. There is no all day shopping at a mall for me and I cannot wait to do that. You know come away with like eight different bags because I found cute stuff at every store?

Anyway. Great job this week.

Linda said...

Totally agree...The day I can shop anywhere other than a plus size store!

Learning to be Less said...

Oh....good point. Do the people who design the clothes think that fat people like loud, hideous prints to drape over their bodies made out of unnatural materials?

There are times I thought it would be more fashionable to wrap my entire, super large body in tinfoil and parade around in public.

Sometimes I pick things to buy by what is the least ugly or attention grabbing. Sometimes I find things I actually like, but rarely.